9 Summer Beauty and Fashion Hacks You’ll Love

signs an aries man is jealousThe irony of getting your summer style on-point is that looking flawless and carefree sometimes requires a fair bit of effort, leaving you more flat and flustered than anything in the end. 

Fortunately, a few good beauty hacks go a long way in eliminating the challenges that come with looking prepared for everyone’s favorite season. 

To make things easier, here are nine summer beauty and fashion hacks that will have you looking your best in no time. 

Stock up on Baby Powder

This may seem a little odd, but baby powder comes in handy for more than just mothers who need to get rid of their offspring’s rashes. Not only does it work well for getting rid of oily hair when a bottle of shampoo isn’t in reach, but it will also remove sand from your skin after a day at the beach with a simple dab and swipe. 

Get a Potato Pedicure

Since we’re on the topic of strange beauty hacks, did you know that rubbing a half-cut potato with some sea salt on it will perfectly exfoliate your feet? Simply run your new vegetable-based beauty product along the top, bottom and sides of your feet and your flip flops will be screaming for attention.

Take Advantage of Online Freebies

Stocking up on your summer makeup routine is no cheap ordeal. Instead of splurging on eyeliner, foundation, mascara, face masks and nail strips, why not get them for free instead? In most cases, completing a few simple no-cost offers is all you’ll need to do to get your hands on a plethora of top-notch beauty products.

Put Your Spare Toothbrush to Use

Whether it’s from harsh sandy wind or the removal of your summer hat, flyaway hair can quickly become a pain. Fortunately, your old toothbrush and a bit of hairspray are here to save the day. Simply spray the brush before running it through your hairline and viola – studio ready hair in no time. 

Eliminate Tan Stains

It seems that no matter how smoothly and carefully you’ve applied your fake tan, patches still tend to show up on your knees and elbows. For a quick fix, use a thick mixture of baking powder and lemon juice and massage it onto the affected areas. Leave for around ten minutes and the juice will quickly lighten any stains. 

Slow Hair Growth

Bare legs are an absolute essential for summer but keeping those hairs in check can be a daunting task. With the help of some water and sugar, your lemon juice once again is here to save the day. Rubbing this natural remedy on your legs is said to reduce hair growth, thus leaving you with less summer beauty maintenance.

Treat Sunburn With Aloe

If your skin concerns go beyond fake tan stains and into sunburn territory, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a natural remedy for that, too. With some frozen aloe vera gel, you can immediately give your sun-kissed skin some much-needed relief.

Use Paperclips to Hide Bra Straps

Bra straps can quickly ruin the look of your favorite summer top or dress. Paperclips are a quick and easy way to fix this. Simply insert the left strap into the left side of the paperclip and do the same with the right side. Who needs expensive racerbacks when you have paperclips?

Stop Your Razor From Rusting With Olive Oil

If you plan on spending some of your summer on the coast, you’ll quickly realize just how fast metal beauty products rust, especially razors. To keep yours from rusting, apply a small coat of olive oil between shaves. 


As you can see, just about every summer beauty problem has a simple solution. So now that you know what to do, it’s time to hit the beach in classic, carefree style. 


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