9 Sure-Fire Ways to Hide Your Belly Bulge!

Belly bulge is a nightmare for every girl. Every girl at least once wondered how to hide belly fat in a tight dress? Let’s not deny the fact that no matter how comfortable we are in our skin, flat tummy is something everyone wants. But not everyone has it. That’s why the dreaded muffin top is what we have to deal with. Because let’s get real it’s really hard to hide.

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Hide Your Belly Bulge!

Don’t worry, there are many people in the same club and you are not alone. Now that we have it we also have to work with it and around it. Yes, you can wear anything you want. But if you really are not comfortable wearing clothes that give a peek-a-boo of your love handles then follow these tricks and tips in order to hide those love handles.

Don’t emphasize tummy by adding belts

Wearing belts right at the midlife tummy can draw much attention which you have been avoiding. Though dresses of such kind accentuate your body shape, they give away your protruding belly. So steer clear of the waist belts. However, if you choose to wear the dresses that have belts and bows higher than your waist, just below your chest then it will take away the attention from your tummy. If the top has the asymmetric detail or has prints on it then it will accentuate your body shape.

Layer like a pro

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Hide Your Belly Bulge!

Layering your clothes is also a good technique to hide the muffin top. Layers often make you look taller especially those which have unbuttoned layers. Wearing vertical lined cardigans, dresses, wearing sheer fabrics with a shorter sweater works well to your advantage. Again asymmetric designs can be your rescue team here as well.

Wear Shapewear

Most women do not prefer wearing shapewear, I know. But sometimes, some occasions call for it. Shapewear can really flatten your stomach, which would come handy in evening parties where you want to wear those sexy bodycon dresses. It makes a difference if you make a smart choice. Shapewear is soft, comfortable and tight fitting innerwear. They have a lot of variants, you just need to make a smart choice when you shop for them. Shapewear will help you in completing your wish list of wearing those body-hugging dresses.

Shapewear comes in different variants like bodysuits, corsets, waist cinchers, control briefs etc. You can opt for any of them depending on whether you want them for dresses or under your jeans.

Never tuck in those shirts

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Hide Your Belly Bulge!

Tucking in the shirts might be trendy. Sure! But it might not work in your favor. Because tucking in the shirt might really draw attention to your belly bulge. Try buying waist length shirt which is not long enough to tuck in. Because if you don’t tuck in the long shirt, it would end up at the widest point of your hips making it look unflattering (and most probably like a hobo!)

Skip clingy and skin tight clothes

If you really do not like your flab peeking out of the clothes then skin tight clothes are really not a good option. Give the flowy, bouncy kind of dresses a go. But if you really are comfortable in your skin and don’t care about that muffin top peeking out give the skin tight dresses a go.

Body Posture matters

We have always had our parents yelling at us whenever we slouch while sitting or while we walk.  That’s because body postures do eventually have an effect on our body. When we slouch while sitting it sags the abdominal muscles which ultimately bulging the tummy more than what it already is. I know habits die hard. But a little conscious effort can make it happen. Because slouching really doesn’t help in good body shape.

Get the right lingerie

When it comes to body shape we really need to get right lingerie. While buying a bra, select one that isn’t loose or sagging, because they tend to make your body look bulkier. Choose those which give the right definition to your body.

Know what suits you right: Color, fabric, patterns

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Hide Your Belly Bulge!

If you are really serious about hiding your tummy then my suggestion would be to go for dark colors. Commonly people prefer black because it makes them look slimmer.

Opt for vertical patterns as they make us look longer and skip horizontal patterns as they spread and give a broader look.

Dress Smart

Firstly, get the basics right. Showcase your strengths and draw less attention to your weaknesses. Dress classy and carry it with confidence.  Don’t know what kind of dresses to shop for? Read on to know what suits you best and what helps in accentuating your body rather than the tummy. Clothes to hide belly bulge:


  • Vertical striped shirts and dresses

Want to wear something that takes off all your worries about the flab? Then shirt dresses are what you should go for. They are super comfy and the vertical stripes make you look slim and taller than your usual self.


  • Frayed edged tops or tops with pom poms

Pom pom tops are raging right now. These tops are figure flattering and super attractive. Pom poms are totally attention seekers.


  • Oversized tops over trousers and pants

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Hide Your Belly Bulge!

Oversized tops are so in right now. They give you chic and classy look. Go for the loose top and pair it up with slim-fit trousers or skinny pants or even leggings. Choose tops that go below your hips. Add up a bit of bling by wearing accessories and you are good to go.


  • Pleated skirt and plain top

Try wearing pleated skirts by teaming them with plain tops. Don’t go for denim skirts. If you can possibly pull off a high-waisted skirt then why not?


  • Peplum tops

As you already know flowy dresses and tops can easily hide the muffin top, peplum tops help in doing just that. They cinch at the narrow part of the waist and flow down to your belly, successfully hiding those bulges.


  • Kimono and Kaftans

Kimonos and kaftans are love! You can wear them even on a simple black shirt. They go well on everybody but especially on those who want some extra room in the middle. Your love handles will not be that visible in these flattering cardigans.


  • Go high waist

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Hide Your Belly Bulge!

High waists are new BFFs. Because they hide the love handles perfectly. The trick with this kind of clothes is that they do not separate your waist and hip areas and doesn’t emphasize on your problem areas. High waist Pants, trousers, jeggings, skirts- all of these work really well.


  • Buy the right size of jeans

If you wear jeans that are too tight on your waist then ultimately you’ll end up with a muffin top even if you don’t have one. That’s why quit wearing too tight jeans. Buy the right size that is not too loose and not too tight but just the perfect size.

These are some dresses to hide a muffin top. Sometimes wrong clothes can be unflattering because they make you look bulky. So now that you know what to wear to hide your love handles, you do not have to worry about the muffin top. Along the way try doing exercise that includes crunches, planks, and cardio to reduce the love handle. I know they are really hard to get rid of. But at least we can try to control it.