9 Things that you do to annoy your boyfriend!

We all agree on the fact that men and women operate in different ways. There might be just a few handful things that make us similar. More often than not we are just different creatures who like to be as they are. Sometimes we just can’t seem to agree on anything at all. We might feel like all we are doing is offering help but you never know what your significant other feels like! If you really feel that your way of doing things shouldn’t irritate him, you should think again. Here are a few ways in which women unknowingly annoy their boyfriends:


That he should dress differently


Nobody like being told what to wear. Even if you don’t like what he is wearing, you should either be quiet about it or just find a different time to tell him what should do differently. Instead of telling him that he does look good wearing a certain kind of clothing, what you can do is tell him what suits him best.


Barging into his office


You might just want to surprise him someday by visiting him at the office. This sounds very cute! But yes, your man might just you visiting him at his office where he would want to maintain a separation between his personal and professional life. Instead call him and let him know if you plan to. Save yourself the embarrassment.


Secretly talking to his ex


No wonder you might love to know about his past relationships or why that did not work. But stay out of his past life. There is absolutely no need to get involved with his ex for that might colour your judgements about him and you might just end up annoying him. The best way here is to confront him directly and ask him all those questions you have which he hasn’t answered yet. If he discusses with you, well and good. If he doesn’t just let it be!


Talking for long hours over the phone


Women are communicative creatures. We just love talking endlessly. In fact, we see it is as the best way to bond. However, men just like to finish communicating in a few words. The lesser the words, the better. Unnecessarily dragging your conversation is pointless for he is just not interested unless the conversation is really important, concerns you life, his or both.


Forcibly making him listen to your playlist

You have to agree. Few couples really like the same kind of songs. Which is great! But if your man doesn’t enjoy the kind of songs that you like and if you forcibly make him listen, he will be annoyed. Let him listen to what he likes. If he not the music freak type and you are, make sure you don’t play songs anytime and every time. Be careful about the timing.


Disturbing him when he is watching a game


Men love sports. Be it football, cricket or any other sport for that matter. They don’t like being disturbed at all! Some even get very involved and aggressive during a match. If you don’t enjoy the sport that he does, then stay away from that zone when he watches it. And also if you would like to get involved in the match or learn the game, make use of the internet. Don’t make the mistake of asking him the game rules again and again when the match is on.


Littering the bathroom


Most men tend to keep their surroundings clean. If you are someone who litters the bathroom with your undies, sanitary napkins or tampons, it annoys them a lot! Maintain your hygiene for nobody likes a dirty individual living with them. Even if they know how your menstrual system works, he doesn’t want to see the bathroom unclean with used intimate stuff lying here and there.


Asking if you look good in a dress


Okay, our man might help you out at times about the kind of clothes that look good on you. But for god’s sake, don’t bug him about it all the time. In any case he knows what kind of an answer you wish to hear and if he doesn’t meet your expectations, you will put on an unhappy face or even crib and complain.


Being irresponsible with his belongings

9 Things that you do to annoy your boyfriend!

You might love to wear his t-shirts. But make sure you give them back. If you are the kind who arranges things in the house often then be careful about his documents and things. It annoys him the most when he can’t find his stuff and you have been fidgeting with things that he wants to keep away from everyone. Give him that space. It is also not a great idea to misplace his stuff when he asks you to take care of something.