9 Tips for women that will keep men hooked forever!

Getting attracted towards a guy might be easier. But then to make him fall for you, and hold him forever might be a bit difficult during the initial stages. Of course, every single task requires effort and patience. And these two ingredients are also necessary if you really wish to keep the man of your life hooked. There are quite a large number of women who believe that they are unlucky in love, because they are somewhat tired of feeling like you are the only person who wants to keep the relationship at a pace, and not the man.  But then this is not precisely the truth! For where there is a will, there is also a way. You must always remember that not all men are the same, for their choices and preferences keeps on varying.  It is the qualities instilled within you dear women which will compel your man to stay interested in you forever. You are the best critic when it comes to knowing how to keep your man gratified and pleasing so that you shine as the real woman for him.

9 Tips for women that will keep men hooked forever!

So, here are a few tips which every woman must go through and practice it in real to keep your man hooked!




 9 Tips for women that will keep men hooked forever!

Relationship can be blissful, but at times you feel little scared thinking what if it doesn’t turn out to be well as expected. Girls are emotional and restless, and so are boys. However, the only difference lies in the fact that girls cannot hide their feelings unlike men. Love requires patience, and one must follow this advice for fruitful relationship goals. Believe it or not, but I personally feel that guys are more complicated than girls, as a result of which the latter seems to suffer the most. Its good to love your partner, but do not be that good enough. By saying this, I’m not asking you to be rude or something like that, but yes, definitely make yourself presentable in such a way that he cannot stay without you. Do not rush to his phone calls immediately when you hear them ringing. Make him to miss you and understand the value of your absence. If he can be busy, so can you be.





As girls you need a shoulder to place your head on your reliable soul mate, whose warmness, touch and tenderness makes you feel special in its own way. Always remember that guys like the chase, but it shouldn’t be on a continued basis. Stop getting irritated and upset. Do not allow your love and desire towards him become some sort of his baggage. Try to control your enviousness if out of the blue you find out his female best friend. Always remember that men do not prefer women who turns out to be clingy, hence maintain a little of your own independence is indeed very essential. Of course, the more time you spend with each other the greater the possibilities of strengthening your bond. But again, on the other had being with him 24*7 will result in disinterestedness as well as monotony. Therefore, at times you also need to have your own life for this will open up a larger scope of communicating on a variety of topics, and the guy too will participate in your interests and disinterests. The only mantra is keep working on your relationship in order to make it all enduring.




 9 Tips for women that will keep men hooked forever!

It is not just about reflecting on your guy’s passion and skills- for you also have the right to display your hidden spark as well! If supposedly, he is that kind of a guy for whom girls go gaga over, there are probable chances that a lot of girls would like to date him. So, in a way you have to prove yourself as an exceptional wonder girl as compared to others. You have to shine as the real woman perfect for his life leaving behind all other women folk. Whether its about cooking delicious cuisines, being an expertise in handicraft, driving, singing, dancing etc., let your talent and creative mind catch hold of his eyes and make him feel proud of you.  Whatever it is, just do not keep thing hidden, let it be exposed. Always remember that a man wants his girl to be fine and amazing in her own way. He wants you to be the envy of other guys. He wants you to awaken your passion. Having a strong vehemence towards extra-curricular activity reveals that not only you are  high-spirited but at the same time very approachable and charismatic as a person. These qualities of yours will definitely compel him to crave for you.






Today’s digitalized world might have made communication easier, but do you experience the same romance when you meet the person in real? The answer is a big “No”, because there’s a huge difference in approaching your beloved both in an online and offline mode. Further because the communication is not face to face it creates a psychological distance between the two of you. In order to make him long for you remember that when you text one another it shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes a day. Every thing cannot be expressed in a mere text so make him find time to meet you in person so that the true intended feelings drives him crazy. Make him look forward to meet you as someone who is special for him. Make your dates his favorite time of the week, so that the admiration develops more beautifully.




 9 Tips for women that will keep men hooked forever!


Being his pillar of support is one of the most important traits that a guy looks for in a long term romantic partner. Being caring and nurturing are the two qualities which he looks for in a partner. Dear girls, if you have these within yourself and present them through your companionship and support, you are more likely to get involved into long term alliance with your man. Never forget to memorialize his progression and success.  Keep on appreciating and supporting him. Lend a patient ear to his problems and difficulties and propose advices which will be beneficial for him in accordance to the situation involved. If you actually want him to be yours forever, and keep the relationship long lasting you have to make him realize that he has your helping hand whenever any turmoil enters his life. This assurance from your side will drive away all of his fears for he will find a solace in you.






The way you show love towards your partner is subjective because it involves your own affection and caress towards him. Smileys are quite admirable with your girlfriends, but sending them in abundance to a man is no doubt a mark of immaturity. Do not overuse emoticons. They should be used moderately and only towards the betterment of a long run vision which you have for your guy if you wish to build castles of love in the air.Your feelings, thoughts and efforts must be manifested in words so that the mode of communication looks more soft and tender. A mere emoticon just frames the message, but it is hardly successful in melting your guy’s heart because it lacks a depth in comparison to the phrases. Using those emoticons once or twice in every sentences is fine, but then excess of it makes no sense at all.





 9 Tips for women that will keep men hooked forever!


Today social media is perhaps the best platform to share with the entire world what you are doing, where you are and with whom, because you keep on uploading pictures and statuses. Whether its Facebook, twitter or Instagram it has somewhat become a sort of a daily based diary with the only difference that instead of a pen you use a keypad to present yourself before others. The best way to keep a man hooked is to make yourself secretive for a while. Allow him to guess what you are exactly doing, to worry about your whereabouts and the utmost curiosity to know with whom you are.  Hence, instead of being an open book on social networks keep your profile updates a bit blurry. This curiosity, this eagerness, this tension with regard to your well-being, the place where you are staying as well the people surrounding you, will nevertheless prompt him to ask direct questions to you. Of course what can be more romantic in hearing your guy say “Where are you nowadays? I felt scared for a moment thinking you might have forgotten me.”





If you love your guy genuinely from all your heart, I do not think you have to prove yourself every now and then to make him realize how dedicated you are towards him. Always remember that it is good to compliment your guy but not always. The lesser you reveal about your budding relationship, the greater the positive results turns out to be, especially when it is during the initial stage. Pretend casually when you surf through his social network profile. If possible you might also write on his timeline as rarely as possible. This shows that you know how you keep a balance between your overflow of feelings towards him and at the same time keeping your relationship less exposed before the public by creating a room of space between the two of you. This policy of yours will make him think over the fact that this girl knows how to keep her personality intact. This develops a kind of respect from his side, and once this feeling develops between the two of you, there is no looking back. And guys sincerely appreciate this.





Here I am not speaking about filthy or dirty jokes but rather a sense of humor sprung out of intelligence which is very important if you truly desire to keep your man hooked. Laughter in a relationship is the main element to hold alive his interest towards you. If you are able to crack a joke through your satire, wit or wordplay and bring a smile on to his face, he is undoubtedly going to be lured by this gesture of yours. When a couple expresses laughter together they are not only able to gel well, but at the same time also develop a strong attachment towards one another. Moreover, he would love to stay in your company and there are probable chances that he might also take the relationship to an all new level. If he notes that you are witty and amusing and he himself experiences a jocund company in your presence, my dear girl he is certainly going to find out excuses with the willingness to know you more and find himself in a state of comfort and tranquility because he likes to spend the quality time in your association.



So, follow this simple steps and let your man say “I am hooked on you.”