9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?

Unless you are not going on a beach, you should not wear a bikini. We all know the rules that lie on the surface of fashion. What we don’t know are the rules that are important and that lay hidden beneath the surface. For e.g.- wearing a scarf on a kurti is fine but wearing it on a tee is unforgivable. Wearing an off shoulder at a party is socially acceptable but slaying them with a bra, from where in heaven did you get the guts to do that? Wearing Ray Ban sunglasses. Fine. Wearing fake Ray Ban sunglasses. No no no no!

So for the sake of fashion, we have picked up the nine most common fashion disasters that are not just disasters but crimes and how you can avoid them! Go figure.


  • The peeping bra

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?


It’s downright trashy and gets too tacky when your bra peeps up from under your T-shirt. We know you are wearing a bra but trying to tell people by displaying your bra strap is not good. Others are also wearing them but are they showing it off? If it happens that your bra strap has accidentally slipped to the fore, strap ‘em tight. Or wear a tube top to do away with the fuss.


  • Wearing tight clothes

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?


Clothes were invented to protect your body from heat, cold, dirt, dust etc. With time, men began designing clothes to flaunt their curves. And yes, they can do that, provided you pick the right one. But for those  having problems with their weight and who think wearing tight fitting clothes will hide the lump around their stomach, they are wrong. Unless you don’t want to accentuate those fats, wear moderate to loose clothes. Sometimes I wonder, ‘Don’t they get suffocated in those super tight Clothes?’


  • Peeping panties

I just don’t get it! A crop top with a low waist denims? Okay okay, that’s not the whole point. The point is not letting undergarments do their work. Panties are meant to be worn under your clothes, not to be showcased above, unless you are not shooting for Victoria’s Secret. So keep them in or wear tops your size, not a size shorter.


  • Wearing someone else’s pants

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?


There is no harm in wearing loose pants, they are in, they’re trending. There is also no harm in wearing extremely tight pants. There is no harm in wearing any outfit at all. But there exists a disaster. An unforgivable mistake that you make when you wear loose pants that were meant to be slim fit and long trousers that were meant to be ankle length. Instead of getting into this turmoil, wear shorts!😎Jokes apart, wear pants that fall between your knees and ankles. The sweet spot.


  • Using a suitcase

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?


Not quite but stuffing everything in your handbag like it’s not a bag but a suitcase. Over stuffed bag will make you look weighed down and if you are short, you have no idea how funny you are going to look. Keep only the essential items in your bag or opt for a sling.


  • Calling ill fitting oversized

Sure over sized sweaters and dresses look sassy but what about ill fitting? If you don’t know the difference between over sized and wrong sized, don’t blindly put it on. Wearing the wrong size will make people think, ‘Was she blind when buying that blouse?’ You will look out of shape in those so do the easy thing, Ignore!!


  • Bling Bling

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?


Wearing boring clothes are boring but donning them with accessories will pull off your look. By accessories, I mean a couple of them, a ring, a watch or a bracelet and an anklet or maybe one neck piece. But wearing everything together, what is it? Are you going in a wedding? Less is more. So make sure you either wear little light accessories or one at a time.


  • Being Colorful

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?


So you were reminded of that night at Atlantis in 1990 while choosing your outfit? Being nostalgic is okay but don’t let it consume you. Some people go floral all over while some just don’t understand how stupid a red jeans and a green t-shirt paired with a yellow jacket looks like! If you want to wear a floral top, pair it with plain washed jeans or if you desire to wear your colorful skirt, go for something simple with the top. But please don’t let a fashion disaster take place.


  • A little too much skin

9 Unforgivable fashion disasters: how to avoid them?


You have got sexy assets. Great. You want people to see them. Yes, we understand. But how can you possibly wear clothes that are ‘showing your assets’ rather than accentuating them? A short skirt that displays the color of your underwear when you bend to pick something up? A deeeeep neck top that shouts ‘Here’s some cleavage?’ You are at a public place. Dress wisely.



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