9 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has It All

We all have tough times finding gifts for people. Especially for the friend who literally has everything, trust me, all of us have one such friend. This friend makes it really difficult to please him/ her, well not intentionally but you know what I mean. Well, this person might already be having the all cool new launches in the market and the most expensive things too. So even if you are ready to overextend your finances for them there is nothing you can get them. Here are a few ideas that can help you in buying gifts for someone has everything:

9 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has It All

Adopt A Parent

This gift is for the person who works for the cause or who has advocacy close to their heart. If your friend is someone who loves doing things for other people then one thoughtful gift for them would be adopting a parent. We are not talking in a literal sense though. There are a few sites which offer this kind of experience as a gift online. Here you’ll have to pay for the expenses of one elderly by paying for their monthly medical and daily expenses. You can also curate a video by asking the elderly to give their blessing to your friend along with your wishes. This is quite a rare gift to gift someone close.

A Breathtaking Crazy Experience

9 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has It All

This is the most suitable gift for the friend who gets high on adrenaline. There are so many breathtaking adventures like bungee jumping, water rafting, skydiving or hot air balloon ride etc. Yea, you might be wondering that they might have already done these adventures in life so how will gifting this make anything special. Well, it is because for those who are thrillseekers love adventure regardless of how many times they have done it. Anyway, this would be the first time they would be doing this with you, isn’t it? Then this will be a really good gift.

A Makeup Subscription Box

You might have guessed it already this gift is suitable for that friend who is makeup or skincare junkie. Makeup and skincare subscription boxes are quite trending right now. These beauty boxes include a variety of products from all cosmetic lines. This gift is personalized and you can even subscribe this gift service for 3 months or 6 months together so that they keep on getting surprised in the form of subscription box every month. You get these boxes in every range from pretty cheap to expensive boxes. They not only have makeup and skin care but jewelry boxes as well. So you can opt for any kind of box that suits you and our friend.

Bake Them Special Treats

9 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has It All


What’s better than home-baked goodies? Especially those home-made by you with love and not the ones ordered. Take out your mom or grand mom’s special biscuit or cookies recipe and prepare the special treats. If you are one of those people who doesn’t know anything about baking then even better because then you friend will realize that you went through all the trouble just for them. Take a cute box or a mason jar, fill it up to the brim with these yummy home-baked treats and tie a cute bow over it. Tada! You are done with a beautiful gift.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized items are really thoughtful gifts. That’s the reason why they are so popular and trending right now. They show your loved one and friends that you actually put some thought into it. A personalized gift is something that will last long. You can gift them a personalized frame, an embroidered towel or bathrobe, a night lamp with their photos on it or any other such gifts which have their names or initials engraved on it. The options are limitless here. You can also get personalized chocolates with their names engraved on it for chocolate lovers. One such personalized item which is trending now is personalized ceramic dolls that look just like you. This is such a unique gift to present someone.

Name A Star After Them

9 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has It All

Yes, people this just doesn’t exist in movies. You can actually name a star after a person in real life. It feels so special, right? This will be an out of the world gift for them, like literally. You just have to find out the company which does the registration process. Don’t worry this won’t even burn a hole in your pocket because it is not that expensive. All you have to do is share the name of the person you want to name the star after and also their zodiac sign. You’ll get a certificate stating the star name and the location of the star named after the person, you can prepare a special gift wrap for this certificate and also add a personal message and gift them.


Specialty Classes

There are a few people who love learning new things. Even your friend might be someone who likes learning things or who is into art. Sign them up for some classes they have been meaning to join for ages but yet haven’t. They will be grateful to you for this. Maybe you might have heard them talking about how much they love art, calligraphy, tissue decoupage, acrylic painting, guitar classes or best out of waste classes etc. They will be so excited that you remembered this small wish of theirs and somehow made it come true.

Audio Cards Or Talk Messages

This is another kind of personalized gift you can gift to someone special. You can personalize a voice message or curate audio voice messages of special wishes from all the close ones and gift them a teddy bear which plays this message as and when touched. Or record this message in an audio greeting or any such cute soft toy which replays this message. Pretty corny, I know, but a really sweet gift.

A Diy Kit

A special gift for your crafty friend. All of us have one such friend who loves art and craft and they are definitely up to something all the time. So the best gift for them would be gifting them a DIY kit depending on their interests. Just make sure you don’t gift them something which they already have.

These are a few thoughtful and unique gift ideas for someone who already owns everything you can possibly gift.

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