9 Ways to impress your boss in just a minute or less!

In these modern times when everyone is extremely busy, it can be very challenging to get your boss’s attention and more so when you want to prove your capability and talent. Many of us work alongside with our bosses or supervisors on daily basis and while some only get to see their higher powers every once in a while. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with your boss, but it is only natural to want to stay in their good graces. Therefore, we are bringing you some foolproof ways to impress your boss, even if you have limited time with them or usually see him or her in passing.

9 Ways to impress your boss in just a minute or less!



Be a problem-solver, not the problem itself


Try to never burden your boss with more problems than he or she already have because your boss hears problems all day long. So always try to be a problem solver by thinking ways to lessen your boss’s load. It can be done in many ways, such as by thinking of an internal process that can be made better or you can bring in new clients for your company. The minute part: -try to pitch in your ideas or solutions wherever and whenever an opportunity comes along, it can be when you are in a meeting or in an elevator, your ideas must be great ones that will really make you look like a creative innovator.



Supporting your colleagues


Depending upon which industry you are working in, getting ahead at work can sometimes feel like a challenging situation.

The old saying, “Nice guys finish last,” doesn’t really apply to this scenario because there is actually a big chance for personal development through the act of helping others. Not to mention, if your boss finds out about this particular noble quality of yours, it’s going to highlight your ability to be remarkably helpful and it is a trait almost every boss wants in their employees.

I am not the only one who is accentuating on helping and supporting others, here’s what Adam Grant, author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success has to say about it:“The more I help out, the more successful I become. But I measure success in what it has done for the people around me. That is the real accolade.”

In his book, Grant plunges us into the idea that in the office, people can be divided into three categories — takers, givers, and matchers. Takers are known for their taking abilities, well, from other people, whereas givers separate themselves from the lot by giving without expecting anything in return. And matchers? Matchers are more apt to make even exchanges for their work done.

Grant also provide examples of successful givers all through history, such as President Abraham Lincoln, businessman Jon Huntsman, and venture capitalist David Hornik.Need more inspiration to rethink the possible benefits of lending a helping hand? Then dig into the accomplishments of aforementioned givers. Believe me, you will be doing yourself a huge favor.



Measuring and Reporting

9 Ways to impress your boss in just a minute or less!

The simple fact is that all the bosses are busy, and they do not have time to investigate if you are achieving what you are supposed to be achieving. Your accomplishments can go unnoticed if you are not vocal (and visual) about them.

That’s why Bosses want their employees to measure their efforts and also report on them. One of the most effective ways to communicate your progress is through clear and goal-oriented reports. These reports will prove to your boss that you are capable of taking on more. Your boss basically wants to see how your efforts are specifically influencing the bottom line, so this is what your report should show.

Your reports should not be your crossed-off to-do list, instead it should illustrate what those activities achieved in terms of office goals. Every so often, young employees want to prove that they are working. Your boss knows you’re working. Instead, he wants to see that you are not only working but what you are DOING is working.



Welcoming Feedback


If you want to succeed in life, you have to be humble enough to admit you don’t know everything there is to know. It is human to get wrapped up to the point where any kind of progress is seen through rose-colored glasses. But at this phase, it is very helpful to invite an outsider to poke holes in your methodology. To know about the missing elements and elements that are working. And know about the further requirements to take your project from good to great.

According to research from the Social and Personality Psychology Compass, both positive and negative feedback play acontributory role in the way we approach our goals. Their data suggests that the effect of feedback is often situational and depends mainly on individual’s level of expertise. Experts are more responsive to negative feedback as their main aim is to monitor their progress, where novices are more receptive to positive, as their main concern is to evaluate their commitment.

But it’s important to be prepared to handle whatever feedback we get. Positive feedbacks are often pretty easy to accept, but negative feedback can come as a challenge for many. To ensure that you make the most out of any kind of criticism, take note of the following tips and tricks:

It is very easy to tune someone out when we are not particularly excited about what that person is saying, but that doesn’t make it right. It is disrespectful to interrupt someone before listening to what they have to say, give them the respect they deserve.

Ask clarifying questions. Never hesitate to ask someone to elaborate, if you don’t understand the point someone is trying to make. By asking questions, you will make sure that both of you are on the same page.

Consider the source. All feedback are never fashioned equally. Feedbacks from all sources are important, from your co-workers to your supervisor. In other words, give attention to where it’s due.



Take initiative

9 Ways to impress your boss in just a minute or less!

You might not get many chances to show your capabilities, but when there is a task and nobody else is ready to do it or a project that needs managing then do know that it is your moment to shine. So be confident, go ahead and take those responsibilities, and be the leader you know you can be and were born to be.


Be attentive and listen carefully


If you are asking a question from your boss, whether it is work-related or related to a political debate, pay attention and try to LISTEN to his opinions and whatever he has to say. According to body language expert Carol Goman, nodding your head or leaning forward are some important non-verbal ways of communication that show your engagement in the conversation. When conversing with your boss, a simple reminder that you are with your boss should be enough, to make you not to look at your phone. This makes you look like a non-interested party.


Be confident and stand tall


Whenever you converse with your boss or when you just see him around the office, try to stand tall (but not in an unnatural way), hold up your head and slightly pull back your shoulders. Carol Goman says that this kind of body language puts you across as a confident and competent person.



Take out time just to say “Hello”

9 Ways to impress your boss in just a minute or less!

People do it all the time. Imagining that your boss is not in the middle of an important meeting or time-sensitive assignment, drop by his office to say “Hello” and ask him how he is or how his weekend was or if he has read a recent article and offer it to email him if he hasn’t (but refrain from discussing articles that aren’t related to work). It’s a very simple way of being on top of their mind.





The simplest task in the world is to smile but we forget to do it every so often. A smile expresses your emotion of happiness and says that you are happy to see someone. And everyone wants to feel that sentiment, even your boss (I know it seems unthinkable but he really does).

Not a single boss wants to walk into an office and see a group of people that look like they are suffering through a boring college lecture. It is not good for company morale and also signals to them that they could be doing something wrong.

Many researches have been conducted, regarding keeping an optimistic attitude, and they tap into the idea that success can be tied to our ability to stay positive, even when completing difficult tasks, such as job hunting.

(PS: Keep calm and smile often.)


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