9 Ways to Practice safe sex and live longer!

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HIV is on the rise. AIDS is spreading. STDs are taking lives. Sex is no longer a pleasure. It has become a matter of concern. Intercourse run a high risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases. We all care for the ones with whom we make love, right? Then why not practice safer sex? It’s exciting. It’s pleasurable. It’s hygienic.

Make your sexual experience memorable by following these practices-

1) Celibacy? 

Only if living without sex i.e. living a celibate life is accepted by you, you are playing it safe. No STD’s will come your way and that’s a promise. But if you are not a saint and want to explore the pleasures of life, go for these:


2) Condom- a must- 

Whenever you want to copulate, use a condom. It greatly reduces the risk of HIV infection. A male condom does a better job than a female one. Don’t use both of them together! Birth control pills, shots, implants or diaphragms are not going to protect you from HIV. You have to use a condom.

3) Foams and gels won’t help either- 

If you think that using nonoxynol-9, foams and gels will wave away the possibility of an STD, you are wrong. They limit pregnancy, not STDs.


3) One partner is the best partner- 

Practice monogamy. Avoid getting laid with multiple partners. This will not only minimize the risk of HIV, but will also help you build a long term healthy relationship. Talk to your partner if he/she had sex with someone else.  It really works!


4) The fellation fashion

That’s right. An oral-penile contact is a safe practice yet delightful! Early male-to-male transmission studies consistently failed to demonstrate an increased risk of HIV infection associated with the practice of oral-penile sex. The risk is extremely low. it’s worth taking!


5) Check!

Get tested regularly. This will make you aware if your partner or you are under the scanner of an HIV or an STD. A lot of STDs do not show symptoms, you have to check them.


6) Toys are fun- 

Sex toys are safe!! Use them responsibly and wash them thoroughly after use. Do not share your toys with your partner and keep them clean.


7) Express- 

Express your true feelings of love with your partner by hugging, cuddling and massaging. Choose sexual activities that do not involve fluid exchange.

8) Don’t be in a hurry 

Do not haste to go for the easier way and use douche or a vaginal wash. They have a reaction opposite to what you think. These products can remove normal, healthy bacteria—bacteria that could actually help prevent an infection. If you use these washes frequently, you increase your risk of getting an STI.


9) Use a lubricant 

If your partner is not properly lubricated, a condom can tear off. Lubricants prevents the skin, too from getting ripped off. Use water based lubricants and avoid using oil-based ones. Oil-based lubricants can actually increase the risk of a condom tearing. Always remember to use a lubricant.



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