9 Weird signs your hormones are seriously out of balance!

Hormones- A vital part of human body, that keep your body functioning. If these hormones go out of balance even a bit then they are going to create havoc with your entire body. You have lots of mood swings, unhealthy food cravings, no proper sleep and so on. It really won’t take much time for you to realize that something is wrong because body sends you all kind of warning signals.

9 Weird signs your hormones are seriously out of balance!

Hormonal mood swings make an appearance not only when you are pregnant or PMSing but also when you have conditions like thyroid, diabetes and also stress. And I think everyone agrees that it is not fun. That’s why it is very important to know when your hormones are imbalanced and what you have to do to keep them in check.

So if you feel like your emotions have been all over the place recently then you might also be having some these subtle signs which might point towards hormonal imbalance. Read on to find out what are the signs:


All You Can Think Of Is Food! Food! Food!

9 Weird signs your hormones are seriously out of balance!

Craving chocolate and other junk, while you are nearing your period, is most common for women. But if you feel hungry all the time or crave sweet or salty food all the time then you got something to worry about. Albeit there are people who are all time hungry and we are not talking about them. If being all time hungry is something new to you then most probably your hormones are a reason.

For instance, sometimes intake of insulin may make you crave for wine or sugary confectionaries and on the other hand, adrenaline imbalance may make you reach out for salty food. If you’ve been having cravings lately then you’ve to realize the problem and fix it. What you can do in such cases is that you need to avoid binging on alcohol, excessive intake of sugar and carbohydrates, try reducing your stress levels by working out, getting eight hours of sleep etc. However, consulting doctor would be a correct thing to do.

Sleep Is A Rare Occurrence

9 Weird signs your hormones are seriously out of balance!

One of the most frustrating things is when you do not get sleep at night. While everyone around you seems to be into deep sleep you find it hard to get an ounce of sleep then it probably is due to hormonal imbalance. There are several natural remedies that can be tried to get a better night’s rest. But professional medical advice would be the best remedy for insomnia or irregular sleep patterns.

Your Hair Growth Has Been Affected

Everyone has a different kind of hair growth be it, men or women. What is normal for you might not be so for your friend. But if you see drastic changes in the hair growth recently, if it has suddenly started to grow more or your hairs have become thinner then it might be due to hormones. Some experts say that hair loss or changes in hair texture are caused due to hypothyroidism. So in spite of assuming things it would be helpful to ask the professionals about what actually is going on.

Your Digestive System Seems To Have Gone Weird

Hormones can also havoc your digestive system and lead to IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome). You poop a lot more or less than you normally do, you are struck with constipation out of blue then you got the thyroid to blame for it. Thyroid may make your body organs to operate too slowly or too quickly, leading to a whack in the normal process. Thyroid might not be the only reason; it can also be caused due to stress and certain foods. And sometimes it happens to women while they are menstruating as well. At such time a single probiotic may not do it work either.

Your Memory Seems To Be A Shade Of Its Former Self

9 Weird signs your hormones are seriously out of balance!

Occasionally forgetting your wallet, forgetting to take your tablet once in a while is a common thing. Forgetting things from time to time is a common thing in everyone’s life. But if you feel like your memory isn’t the same and that you’ve become more forgetful than usual then you need to focus on the problem. Brain fog is often said to be a symptom of thyroid but it may also be caused due to stress. So before this problem goes out of hand, take control of it.

Unusual Weight Gain Or Loss

Your hormones play a major role in metabolism, including how fast your body stores fat or burns calories. So when you’ve unusual weight gain or loss the reason might be your hormones. Sometimes it may so happen that no matter how many hours you spend in your gym your weight might just be stubborn and your weight might remain same. The root cause of this might be hormones. So you don’t have to sweat that much, you just have to find the right dietary supplements and the way to find the right hormonal balance and your body might start losing weight.

You Are Always Tired

9 Weird signs your hormones are seriously out of balance!

Do you feel like you’ve run miles even though you didn’t do anything of that sorts of tiring? Do you feel like your body is weighing you down? That is all due to hormones.

It might be due to the fact that your body is constantly pumping out stress hormones like cortisol which might make you feel like you are exhausted and wound up every freaking time. But experts also say that constant fatigue with unusual weight gain may also be a sign of hypothyroidism. You should check it out with doctor as to what the actual cause might be.


Your Libido Has Gone MIA

Just like every other part of our body, our libido also functions on the basis of hormones. So when hormones in the body go out of balance your libido also gets affected. And above all when you are all time exhausted and when your moods seem to be in high swing, sex is the last thing on the mind. So amidst all the other things if you do not want to have sex you must know who’s to blame- Hormones of course!


You Are Peeing More Than Often

Peeing more than often is common when you are diabetic. Due to the excess level of sugar in your body, it tries to get rid of that excessive sugar from your body and hence the reason for so many visits to the bathroom. Some people also face yeast infection due to this.

But if you are not diabetic and you are facing yeast infections and are peeing more then you got to get it checked.

And last is our mood swings. Well, mood swings are a part of our monthly cycle and we go through them often. But having them all through the month instead of 5 days is a nightmare. You might also face changes in your blood pressure.

All in all, hormones affect more than we expected! You should try stress-busting activities like yoga, meditation, massage etc that can change your mood and consult a doctor if it goes out of hand.

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