Astrology : How to deal with a taurus sign



April 20-May 20

Symbol- The Bull

Ruler- Venus

2nd side of the zodiac

Earth sign


Now, that we’re all caught up with the logistics, let’s start with the fun stuff- shall we?

Taurus – the second side of the zodiac- is on the one hand, known for their tenacity, patience, and strength- while on the other hand, known for stubbornness, anger and materialism. Sure, most of those things are in fact true. But, there’s some other unnecessary bullshit that goes around about this sign, and I plan to end it, as of right now!

I’m a Taurean- May 18th- so, I’m obviously qualified to write this piece.

So, this article is for all my fellow Taureans, and every one who has some stupid preconceived notions about the Bull. Here we go.


1)We’re not all lazy- we’re actually pretty hard working. And, chances are if we’re putting something off, it’s because it’s too damn easy, or just not worth it. It’s called being self assured, not laid back.


2) We HATE- and I’d like to repeat that- HATE, loud and obnoxious idiots (*cough -Aries,Gemini, Leo-cough*) who only talk the talk, and don’t walk the walk. We’re a highly result oriented sign- and actions speak louder than words. Which makes you one of two things in our lives- worthless, or pretty important.


3)No- we’re not all about food! And, that kind of precocious assuming, shows exactly how bright you really are. Now, wait here while I go finish my large, double cheese, pan base pizza!


4) Yes, we like financial security! Who doesn’t? Only problem is that we, have no problem admitting it. Wouldn’t you rather live in a better home, give yourself, your parents- your children- a better future? Isn’t that what every human, everywhere, is working for? Just because we work a little better than you- it’s true, look up richest people in the world and you’ll be surprised to find the majority of Taureans- makes us petty and materialistic? Grow up


5)Stubbornness isn’t a flaw- it’s a continuous reminder of the fact that our plans are much better than yours, and if you just give in, already, we might actually be able to get this show on the road- with zero harm, zero foul.


6) We take a lot of time to trust and love people, sure. But, it’s not because we’re bored and uninterested, it’s because every step of the relationship is supported by thorough evaluation. We are hardly the ones that rush into a relationship- and you know what? It’s effective! If things don’t work out, we have the ability to stand up, shake hands and walk away! That’s not called being insensitive, it’s called being reasonable.


7) Everything you know of us will disappear the minute you see our anger- the fury of the Bull. Because, even though we have tremendous patience to deal with the nonsense thrown our way- the minute-no, no, the second we snap, you are a goner, and your best bet is to run as far as you can, and appear in plain sight only after 6-7 years. We neither forget, nor forgive. Beware!




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Rutuja Kulkarni
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