In the present scenario where lives are super busy and fast, we tend to lose out on some golden old time rules. One of the them which has been slowly dying is the neighborhood culture. These days we do not really mind getting to know our neighbors or who really has shifted in the adjacent apartment. The sneak peeks seem to have disappeared with the advent of many reasons—one of them being the technology. Neighborly relations may seem irrelevant but it is our social responsibility to have local ties as it can be bad for crimes and make things easy for burglars and criminals to execute their plans. . Some people are very fortunate to have great neighbors that they interact with every day but if you’re one of the many who has no idea who their neighbors are, I would like to suggest some benefits of befriending them –


Good neighbors will watch out for the safety of your property. It increases your family’s safety as multiple eyes set in as the guardians of your place. It will prevent any criminal activity and is an added level of security when you are out of town.


We all are aware of the traditional borrowing of a cup of sugar and that becomes easier and cooperative when you have good relations with your neighbors. You might fall short of something or may require help in certain activity— in such cases your neighbors can be a gifted assistance.


It can be really destressing and pleasant to live among neighbors who have mutual respect and like each other. Such kind of bonds build a harmonious surrounding and sharing a small talk with them can actually be stress buster after a long hectic day at work.


We all know the joy of receiving a tiffin box stuffed with tasty snacks when you are not at all expecting it. A doorbell rings and you have the yummy box to feed your tummy—it is undoubtedly a delight. When your parents have gone for a short visit to hometown and you are alone and cooking is like trigonometry to you—your neighbors are your rescuers!


You are likely to get invites for dinners parties and Sunday brunches when you have good connections with your neighbors. Having someone close by for your little celebrations can create wonderful friendships that may not have otherwise happened.

These are just a few plus points of having good connections with your neighbors. Social connection at the neighborhood level has long been known to be associated with good mental health, and some aspects of physical health. Being a good neighbor is an important part of living in a community. This does not mean that you have to be best friends with your neighbors but make it a point to say a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hi’. When you move into a new home, introduce yourself to the neighbors and start a relationship. Who knows, you might end up meeting a friend for life.