A Few Ways to Earn Money While On Parental Leave

Parental leave is a concept with growing popularity. That is especially true as the traditional maternity leave is expanded to both parents. It allows families to spend more time with their newborn and form a new, crucial bond.

Unfortunately, the idea of affording parental leave is also a stressful concept for many parents. Luckily, there are some odd jobs and temporary gigs that anyone can pick up for extra cash during paternity leave.


Working as a Writer

If someone is skilled at academic writing, they can pick up extra work doing just that! Essay writing services work to help students compose and edit papers. That means no matter if they’re familiar with a research paper format or are well-versed in literary analysis, there’s a niche available. It’s also a great source of extra income that allows you to control how much work you take on.

Other types of freelance writing are available to you as well. Ghostwriting books, creating guest posts for blogs, and even technical writing can get someone work. That is also a great gig because it allows individuals to work without set hours.


Sell Something You Make

Websites such as Etsy have risen to incredible popularity over recent years. That is thanks to a surge of demand for one-of-a-kind, handmade items. So, if you’re particularly crafty, you can monetize those skills. They can encompass nearly any skill one might have: knitting, sewing, crafting, and more! That is also helped along by the attention that’s rising to support small businesses.


Take Surveys

It isn’t a way to necessarily earn a mortgage payment but taking surveys can help you gain a little extra money on the side. There are plenty of companies that pay for an individual’s opinion on several topics. This could be about anything from new music to marketing questions about your favorite retailer. These are usually short surveys so that they won’t take up more than a few minutes of your day.


Earn Money Back

Around the time someone has a baby, they make a lot of purchases. This includes baby clothes, items for a nursey, and, of course, packs upon packs of diapers. One way to earn money with minimal effort is to use a website, browser extension, or app that will allow you to earn cash back on purchases you make. This will help someone earn as they spend.


Sell Clothes You Don’t Need Anymore

Just as there is a rise in the demand for handmade products, there is also an increased interest in consignment shopping. This means that you can make money by just cleaning out your closet! If there isn’t a consignment shop nearby, there is a growing market of online consignment shops. This can be an excellent way to pass off maternity clothes that you no longer need as well.


Teach English Online

If you’re bilingual, that talent can be put to use! Being an online English tutor can be a way to earn a good bit of money for something you can do from home. On the other hand, if you’re fluent in another language, you can tutor students who are trying to learn that language. Learning a new language is difficult. So, there are plenty of people out there that need help with the task.



The stress surrounding money and parental leave shouldn’t hold parents back from spending time with their newborn. It often does. What can help these families has a stay-at-home option to earn some extra cash? This will help them balance finances with precious time with their new baby.

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