A Guide for Female Graduates


We all can’t deny the fact that this world is a male dominating place, but we can’t even argue about the fact that many workplaces are making an effort when it comes to ‘equality,’ in the work stations. Having said that, there still needs to be more changes made. The problem here is most of the times females are the victims of the male-attitude at their jobs, which proves to be a big negative for fresh graduates in their job hunt.

The good news is with with through research in the job market, females can bid goodbye to these common drawbacks. What they need here is confidence. The confidence that they can do it and they are no less than the men themselves.

So, before we go further, let’s look at some do’s and Don’ts:

Don’t be scared of refusal

You need to learn to take a refusal positively. We can’t fight against the society where everything a man says becomes an essential, but we can surely work on proving ourselves. Most of the times girls are afraid of making changes because they know they won’t be expected by the society. I say, get rid of this thought and apply to all the places you wish to. Don’t think you can’t do it, rather say I can do it.

Don’t doubt yourself

Never let these two words spoil yourself speech. ‘Like and umm,’ these words proof you are not sure of yourself. Instead, use sentences that ensures that you have the authority. If someone ridicules you, don’t step back, try to outdo them by proving them wrong. Remember, men cannot see women taking their place and they will do anything to laugh at you in the society. Be strong and never ever doubt yourself.

Don’t settle for less

Mostly we can see women are paid quite less than their male counterparts. Why? Just because they settle for less. Don’t be tentative to demand high wages. You deserve it. You will work the same hours as men, take up the same workload, so why settle for less when you deserve the same?

Remember, being a woman does not mean you are any less than the men themselves. When applying for a job think where you want to apply. Do not think that this place is not good for you because their requirement differ and so on. Don’t be afraid to take chances in life. If you want to apply, there is no one stopping you do so. Always stay positive when applying for a job. Send in your resume everywhere you wish to. Do not take any negative seriously and above all, be yourself.

Best of Luck!


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