A Modern Woman’s Guide to Safe Dating

Looking over your shoulder for signs of danger is hardly fun. However, it is something that every woman learns to do at a young age. One area that it can be especially difficult to be cautious in, though, is dating. After all, it is so easy to get swept off of your feet by someone who comes across as charming and sweet.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make sure that you are being safe every step of the way. If you follow the guidelines below, you will find it a great deal easier to discover that partner who is going to treat you right. So, without ado, here is what you should do:

Limit How Much Info You Give Out

Whether you meet someone in real life or online, you spend a little while time getting to know one another. Therefore, it can seem like the most natural thing to pass on details like where you work, talk about the area near where you live, and more. Now, on the surface, this can seem pretty harmless but all of this information can be used for more nefarious purposes.

This is why you should always watch what you say. Even if the other person is volunteering lots of information, you don’t need to do the same. Talk about your life and work in general terms so that they can’t figure out too much about you. Doing this can greatly reduce the risk of stalking in the future.

Do Your Recon

There is no denying that doing online recon can often seem like an invasion of privacy at times. In fact, it can make you feel like the stalker! However, this is something that you need to get into the habit of doing, even if you are only planning on going on one date with someone.


See, it is important to remember that most people will not volunteer unflattering or criminal information about themselves. After all, their goal is to make as great an impression as possible. This is why it is something that you need to do for yourself. This way, you will be able to determine whether or not it is actually safe for you to go on a date with someone.

First Few Dates Should Be Public

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t meet someone that you don’t know in an overly private setting. This means that under no circumstances should you meet a stranger at their home or any other location that you aren’t familiar with. In fact, you should make it a habit to always set up the meeting point for your first.


The good news is that there are a number of safe locations to meet someone at. Cafes, bars, zoos, the options are endless. Now, most women know to make sure that their first date is in a crowded spot. However, you may want to do this for several dates, until you are sure that you can trust the person that you are with.

Keep Friends Informed

You have probably already gotten into the habit of letting your friends now when you are headed out on a date with someone that you don’t know. Still, you may always want to offer up as many details about the other person that you can. Do you have a full name and a picture? Make sure that at least one of your friends has that information. If you have their address, this should get sent to them as well.

Although it may sound like a bit of a stretch, give your friends a probable timeline for your dates. Let them know when it starts and when it should end as well. Enjoying yourself and want it to go on for longer? Then make sure to let your pals know. The same advice goes for if you are planning on heading to a different location as well.

Watch Out for Red Flags

If you want to save yourself a world of trouble later on, then it is a good idea to watch out for some of the common red flags. Now, “red flags” can be divided into two categories. The first are ones that show you that a potential partner is incompatible with you or your lifestyle. For instance, perhaps they have different goals, points of views, or even libido! These mean that even if you do pursue a relationship, there is a good chance that it will fall apart later.

Then there are the red flags that hint to you that a potential partner can be quite dangerous. From flares of anger to controlling behaviour, these issues can be subtle or full blown. Nonetheless, if the person that you are dating is doing anything that makes you uncomfortable, it is a good idea to remove yourself from the situation.

Always Be on Alert

So, what if you are a couple of dates in and he seems charming, friendly, and everything that you could ever hope for? Well, even then, it is important not to let your guard down. Keep in mind, it is impossible to really know someone if you haven’t spent too much time around them.

So, even though you may have been dating for a few weeks, you should still keep your wits about you. Don’t leave food and drink unattended and be wary of where you go with them. Again, this may seem like you are being overly protective but you aren’t. You are just being safe.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ghost

Ghosting is seen as a rather rude thing to do – and for the most part, it is. However, there are some times when it is your only option. If someone appears to be too pushy or not understand boundaries, then ghosting is the way to go. It is the same for if the other person won’t hear the word ‘no’ or will not let you break things off.

In the end, being polite isn’t the most important thing. Your safety is all that matters. So, it is fine if you do end up hurting someone else’s feelings in the short run. At least, you can be certain that you will be ok.

These are the top guidelines to follow in the modern dating world. Sure, some of them can seem over the top or abrasive. However, they are all designed to keep you safe and sound.