Abandon societal stereotypes of beauty!

Abandon societal stereotypes of beauty!


In a world which is constantly hit by the beauty trap of the glamour world; it is hard to push the boundaries of the typecast definitions of female beauty. Tall, thin and model like features are extremely pressurizing to match but it is something that women are continuously forced to comply with.

A recent study indicated that most women in India firmly believe that to do well in life or to be accomplished; women need to look a certain way. Studies similar to this in the past as well have clearly indicated the narrowed approach towards the definitions of beauty of a woman and how heavily it directly affects a woman’s self-regard.

It is high time that woman in India break the labeled descriptions and demarcations of beauty and try attempting to halt the boundaries laid by television industries, traditions, history, culture, advertising or anybody in  general. The definitions of beauty cannot be kept limited to what appeals physically to someone. Beauty is vast and its royal powers have the ability to revolutionize lives and societies, that too on a very large scale. We live in a country that has 638 million women who speak 22 different languages and are spread across 29 authentic states. Why in such diversity, the definition of beauty remains solitary?


Spirit beyond Frontiers

Frontiers have border lined beauty to living up to a certain body type but the truth lies far ahead of this miniature mindset thought. Your beauty lies in your confidence that you show to appreciate your body even if it isn’t comprised of a 24 sized waistline or a 36 sized butt. It is inevitable to reach to the culmination point of a positive relationship with your body if you start respecting it and star taking care of it with a wholesome, beautiful feeling in your heart and mind.



Embrace Vividness & Radiant Thinking

Abandon societal stereotypes of beauty!

It is time to expand the horizons and adopt fresh focus to the whole depreciating concept of beauty in today’s world. We have never really celebrated the beauty that comes from originality and honesty of a woman. Forever, a certain type of beauty which of course deals with physically tempting bodies have been celebrated and talked about. It is time to bring a change to embrace your unique features and traits as a woman which is the only thing in the end that will embark in planting morals and ethics for a better and a logical society to be formed.


No More Societal Rules

Abandon societal stereotypes of beauty!

Women undergo tonnes of pressure, all thanks to the paranoid beauty adviser that resides in them, unapologetically being fed by the societal rules. Society wants you to be ‘Perfect’ and what you need to know is that there is no such thing that exists in the world such as ‘Perfect’. Be wise and arm yourself with a confident and strong, healthy relationship with yourself. You become beautiful when you surround yourself with good energy and aura that even boosts the people who surround you. Each and every woman has something special; appreciating it is setting yourself free from the labels.


Remember, it is high time Indian woman restrict themselves from exploring their dormant talents and dynamism just because the labels and stereotypical mindsets exist in our environment. It is time to feel the momentum within yourself, thankfully that is all that is needed to push the boundaries and break the barriers of beauty.


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