Abortions On The Rise In Urban Areas

abortions on the rise in urban areas

Abortion in India is legal only up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Also, no man has the legal right to force a woman to bear his child or abort it.

According to the National Sample Survey Office, women below the age of 20, living in urban areas have been reported to undergo the highest number of abortions. 14% of the total who conceive, undergo abortions.

Advances in medical science and better access to medical facilities are the key reasons for the same.

The study also reported that almost 20 percent of childbirth in rural areas are at home especially in states like Chattisgarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. With an increasing number of people having a better standard of living, hospital births increase.

What are the consequences of increasing number of abortions?

Abortions On The Rise In Urban Areas

  • Although women have more access to freedom now, a number of men shrug off responsibilities of the child.
  • As there are no existing legal laws with regard to abortions, many feel powerless.
  • Unwanted children face societal pressure and abuse.
  • Abortion on the brighter side, can be seen as a way of empowering women in terms of allowing them the right to chose to be free from childbearing, which is a demanding job.
  • However, crime rates are on the rise. Under pressure, women succumb to suicides.
  • States like Kerela and North- east show a better sex ratio. Whereas, the northern states of Punjab and Haryana exhibit the highest levels of female foeticide and infanticide.

What lessons do we draw?

Abortions On The Rise In Urban Areas

  • Highlights the importance of being responsible and adopting methods of having protected sex.
  • Women need to be careful in terms of the partner(s) they choose to have sex with.
  • Missed periods would mean you seek immediate medical attention so that you are saved from facing legal hassles later on.



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