Acid victim Rupa (22) fights for her dream

RupaStep-mother mutilated her

New Delhi – The acid victim Rupa (22) counteracts the trauma of her youth with self-confidence. Instead of hiding her scarred face behind a scarf, she goes public and raises money for her dream: a fashion designer. As a child she wanted to design clothes for young Indian woman, but by the acid attack she was unsure and lost her courage. Rupa was 16, when her stepmother entered the bedroom at night. While Rupa slept she poured acid over her face!


Mutilation as Revenge of new wife

“My father refused to let me provide medical, if I would ever advert his new wife,” Rupa now told the “Times of India”. But the 16-year-old however took the bold step and went to the police. Her uncle supported her. The stepmother spent 18 months in jail, now she is free on parole. The contact to the father was aborted.

For six years, Rupa fights against pain and social exclusion. So far she had to go through eleven operations!

Now Rupa moved from their home village to New Delhi and lives in a social project. Together with the team of “Stop acid attacks” she works for thousands of victims in India.

The young woman got the chance to live their dream: In addition to a sewing machine are two models available. Some dresses are already designed from her as a young designer, now there are going to be more! With her first draft, Rupa has already caused a stir. Instead of showing “ordinary” models at her shows, Rupa presents her girlfriends with acid scars!

Now she collects for a shop, material and staff on the crowdfunding platform “Indiegogo” donations.

Rupa is not alone with her horror injury. Exact figures for India do not exist, because acid attacks are not punishable as a separate offense. With acid mostly young girls or women are mutilated and disfigured. Some victims go blind or acid etched up through the bone – with deadly consequences. Reasons for the mutilation are jealousy, insults or revenge.

There are already numerous cases of young women, who rejected a marriage proposal and being then mutilated from the man! The best way to prevent such crime is to make people thoughtful about it, even overseas, for example in Europe.

Please check out her facebook page and like it: Rupa and all the other victism need our support!!