Add Gothic Chic to Your Home 


Being humans, we cannot run away from natural instinct of personalized homes. To justify this crave for a well-décor home from inside and out, a style for everyone is out there. Pick as per your heart wants and eyes love to adore. From vintage to contemporary, or victorian to bohemian and even the Japanese Zen, you can settle on any exclusive style or the combo of few.

Seeking a thematic inspiration? Why not to set your sights on glamorous gothic. It is mysterious, daring and enticing as well. The modern gothic fits perfectly into your interiors. Be bold enough to show wild side of your life. Decide on enthralling blend of different gothic elements. Gothic glam is for you if your taste runs a little darker, daring and dramatic.

Letting gothic alone, might not be appreciable to your guests. Saying so because I faced it earlier and then I have had to minimize it to my bedroom. My best buddies punched me in chorus ‘Woah! You casted a nice gloom’. I got their derisive tone. Later, I added Victorian-Scandinavian style to my home décor. Now, my pals and my beau are all in peace.

Let me tell you how you can embed gothic using different ways to avoid the monotony of dark and bigoted remarks.

Gothic is Not Dark Alone:

First of all, take out the fallacy that gothic has to be dark by all means. No and it never was. Gothic brilliantly works with neutral colors of all available shades.

For instance, if you got a gothic style console, then you can have a glamorous historic style mirror flanking back on the wall. Mercury glass candlesticks and chandelier lighting will escalate the feel of modern gothic.

Surrender the Historic style:

Many of you, like me, loves to add traditional flair while decorating your living space and even the workplace. But, don’t you think, it is not a thumb rule to sprinkle vintage flavor everywhere in your home.

Why not to add gothic glamour elements in contrast to contemporary and interest pieces? You can opt for the black damask wallpaper that would appear extremely amazing when paired with dark-neutral and elegant Victorian style accessories. Scandi style pieces would also work great in this setting.


Whimsical Gothic Touch to Any Room:

So, you think that architectural pediments are just for entryway home décor. And Dragon statue of Medieval Gothic style is destined to be in your living room only. Not at all. You can add medieval styling with gothic touch in any room of your home.

Even the bathrooms featuring gothic style look amazing. Add a claw foot bath tub with stunning black and white design or wrought iron around it.
Accessorize to Get Perfect Ambience:  

The flair of gothic style décor continues with the ornate accessories. Hunt for right accouterments (candles, vases, mirrors, artwork etc) for your interior décor.

For instance, wrought-iron chandeliers, stone statues, heavy wooden sconces or lancet-style wall-hangings etc. I have dragon wall hanging in my living room. Choose the pieces incorporating metal, stone or wrought iron.

If you want to incorporate the modern gothic panache to your home, keep in mind that it fusses glamour with different elements of other designs. Enjoy Simple yet Stylish and Downright Gothic!


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