Popular series for women – “Against the wall” tv show

It is a universal fact that ‘Women’ have always been the biggest audience population that has helped the ‘small screen’ as well as the ‘big screen’ in carrying out their legacies since ages. They have been prime contributors, especially in the world of television series that have been ruling the hearts and minds of women for decades and continue to be a part and parcel of their lives. Women love to be entertained and prefer television series, which create a resounding impact in their lives. Keeping such factors in mind as cues for the present as well as the future, one such Hollywood television series that has captured the topmost slot in the television viewing schedules of the majority of women is the Against the Wall tv show.

Against the Wall is a popular drama serial that is majorly oriented upon the struggling journey of a Woman American Police who is a part of the Chicago Police department. This series emerged on air on July 31, 2011 and still continues to rule the roost with its ‘seat gripping’ episodes. This tv show centers upon a woman police detective who enters into the department of internal affairs division, battling out varied odds and obstacles hurdled upon by her own family members.

In a direct or indirect way, women relate their own life journeys with this series, as many women of today’s generation are extremely ambitious or career oriented. They find it very challenging to pursue their dreams and career desires, by overcoming all the hindrances crowding their ways. Thus, women find this serial as a motivating factor in their lives to gear up their courage and power to fulfill every slice of their wishes and dreams.

Against the Wall tv show is broadcasted in the United States and is still aired at prime times, which does not go ‘a miss’ by the female viewers. According to the television survey, this serial won remarkable viewership ratings of 1.8 million for its pilot episode. In the 18-49 demographic category, this serial attained 0.9 million viewership and in the 25-54 demographic category a viewership attainment of 0.6 million. In its launch year it also bagged the title of being the ‘best debut television show of the year’. It was also given a first grade rating by The New York Daily News, which added more stars to its popularity crown.

With the growing levels of fame and popularity of Against the Wall tv show, Abby Kowalski, the lead woman police detective worthily played by Rachael Carpani became a loved member of almost all households. Her dedication, commitment, spirit of courage and boldness became motivated elements for all her admiring women fans and followers, thus providing them with the same levels of zest and enthusiasm to further on their dreams and desires in an upfront manner.

In this way, through the mediums of such popular series, women are able to pave motivational routes in their life journeys and Against the Wall tv show has indeed proved its worth by being a top favorite of women, young and old.