Agera Energy offers tips to establish an eco-friendly workplace

With more people throughout the nation becoming increasingly focused on a healthy environment in both their personal and work lives, it is only natural that companies are seeking out ways to create eco-friendly offices.

Agera Energy, an acknowledged leader in developing more sustainable workplaces, has emerged as one of the country’s most prominent voices among environmentally friendly corporations. Based in Westchester County, New York, Agera Energy was recognized as a Certified Westchester Green Business after officials with the Westchester Green Business Challenge cited Agera Energy’s efforts in the sustainability field. After earning its own certification, Agera Energy opted to inspire other businesses to follow its lead in creating a greener workplace.

According to the Agera Energy officials who drove the company’s sustainability campaign, making an office complex more eco-friendly is not as difficult as it may appear at first glance. A supplier of natural gas and electricity to a wide range of residential and commercial customers in its region, Agera Energy Energy took a series of sensible steps that made a substantial difference in transforming its home office into an environmentally friendly worksite.

With employees already enjoying greener surroundings, the firm’s efforts are paying immediate dividends. The overriding goal, however, is to help preserve a healthier planet for generations in the future.

The consumption of drinking water is an environmental issue that affects nearly every workplace. All too often, employees drink from standard disposable plastic water bottles, which are generally considered environmentally unsound. A large office complex can easily go through virtual mountains of plastic bottles in a typical workweek.

To address the problem, Agera Energy issued each employee a reusable water bottle, free of harmful BPA, to replace disposable plastic bottles. The company also installed a state-of-the-art water filtration system at its headquarters to provide quality drinking water for its employees. In addition, Agera Energy encouraged employees to fully turn off faucets, report any leaks, and operate dishwashers only when they contain full loads.

Revamping the waste disposal and recycling process is another way workplaces can become more eco-friendly. For instance, Agera Energy made sure that each and every room in its office complex was equipped with a recycling bin. This made it easier for employees to recycle aluminum cans, printing paper and glass bottles instead of throwing them in the trash. Agera Energy also placed a series of informative signs throughout its headquarters to let employees know exactly which items are suitable for recycling.

The disposal of hazardous waste and old electronic items presents its own set of challenges. To address this matter, Agera Energy employed the services of Veolia North America to properly get rid of potentially hazardous items such as fluorescent light bulbs. Veolia North America is a leader in the field of providing environmental solutions for large corporations as well as small businesses. Agera Energy also set up a designated bin in the primary copier area to collect used electronic goods for proper disposal.

To get a better handle on indoor climate control, Agera Energy installed custom film coverings on its windows that serve to neutralize heat generated by sunshine. In the kitchen area, Agera Energy placed thermometers in each refrigerator to ensure they run at an optimal temperature.

Finally, Agera Energy installed cutting-edge LED lighting throughout its office complex to help decrease energy consumption. As a result, the company drastically reduced its overall carbon footprint. The firm also encouraged workers to turn off the lights in all empty conference rooms.

According to Agera Energy, taking a series of practical steps to save energy can go a long way toward creating an eco-friendly workspace in nearly any industry.