Agra girls wish to marry fair skinned men


Agra girls wish to marry fair skinned men
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According to the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006, child marriage is illegal in India. Ignoring the rules, a family in Agra decided to marry away their girls. In spite of rejecting the marriage proposal a number of times, the girls were forced by their relatives and the village to dress in bridal garments and say ‘yes’ for the wedding.

Helplessly, the girls accepted to enter the marriage venue against their will. But when they saw their  respective grooms, they could be forced no longer. The men, 25 and 30, were dark complexioned and way older than them. The two minors aged 14 and 16 simply walked out.

In a world where activists are trying hard to eliminate discrimination and body shaming, these youngsters are doing otherwise. The societal mind set about complexion is yet to be changed.

But we applaud the fearlessness of these girls to go against the wish of the entire village council and report the matter to the police.



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