All about digital detox



Well well well! After all the air, food and drink detoxes, came the digital detox! Digital detox is believed to be the toughest but the most effective of all! A digital detox is a period of purification or lets say a period of isolation from electronic connecting devices in order to build a better mental health and remove any social stress.

It focuses on the naive form of living, the traditional sense of life which is not computer or smartphone dependant!Ok! So a digital detox is too easy to do when you think you want to do it! But it’s difficult to implement!You need to move in a step by step approach when you want to execute a successful digital detox.


You first have to plan the days or the time that is best suited for a digital detox. Many people have work or family commitments that they can’t opt out of. So take a calendar and look for the days that you think will be the most viable and comfortable for you to do this detox.


It is important that you inform people about your absence in your social circle for a specific time. One because you do not want somebody to be bothered because of you, second because you do not want to be disturbed while this procedure. You can simply do that by informing people personally, whom you happen to talk to every day. Or you can choose to announce through your social media channel!


The most challenging part is to jumpstart this detox. You have to press the off button on your smart devices, your phone, your laptop or personal computer. If you feel a strong urge to go back to the digital world, start by logging off.


While you are logged off or you are switched away from the social media, indulge into activities that you have been yearning to do. In for a shopping spree ,try adventure sports, go on a holiday or cool for your loved ones. Try a got oil massage or a beauty visit to a parlour. Sleep your heart out and exercise vigorously. Keep yourself busy and whenever you feel the urge to get back, just deviate!


Once you feel you have achieved the peace of your mind or done with your to do list, halt. Your first digital detox may not be a much successful one but that doesn’t mean it isn’t meant for you! Your first attempt might turn out into a big failure but try for next. And once you achieve your first successful detox, you will realise that both your brain and soul are fueled for driving your vehicle of life! But wait! You will need to re-fuel so plan you next session soon!