Alternative Reasons To Use Birth Control Pills

When you hear the phrase birth control pills, it is perfectly understandable that the first thing that comes to mind is taking medication in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. This is, of course, the most common reason why any woman would request a prescription for birth control, but it is by no means the only reason.


Here are some of the most popular alternative reasons why you might want to consider using birth control pills, even if you don’t need them for the purpose of sexual contraception.

  • To Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle


Women who experience very irregular periods can use contraceptive pills to help them achieve a much more regular cycle. The pills regulate hormonal (estrogen) fluctuations within the body and effectively enforce the timing of a monthly period, which is especially beneficial for women who cannot accurately predict their menstrual cycle.


  • Less Painful Periods


Contraceptive pills are also an option for women who suffer very badly from pain when on their period. Menstrual cramps can be severely debilitating at their worst. As the pill prevents ovulation from occurring, your uterus does not have to go through the experience of very painful contractions that cause cramping.


  • Cures Hormonal Acne


Moving away from the benefits that it can have on your reproductive system and menstrual cycles, the birth control pill can also be used as a treatment for hormonal acne. This type of acne is usually at its worst during the teenage years when hormones fluctuate the most, and the pill can help tame these fluctuations and give your skin a much better chance of being healthy and outbreak free.


  • Reduces Risk Of Uterine Cancer


Did you know that women who take a traditional combination birth control poll are up to 50 percent less likely to develop uterine cancer in their lifetime? This cancer-preventing effect can last for up to two decades after you stop taking the pill as well, securing long term protection. The same preventative effect has also been identified with ovarian cancer.


  • Reduces Risk Of Ovarian Cysts


Ovarian cysts are not something that usually causes a dangerous problem for a woman, but they can still be uncomfortable and painful at certain times of the month. These fluid-filled sacs form in your ovaries during the ovulation period, so logic dictates that if the pill prevents you from ovulating, it can also prevent you from developing uncomfortable cysts at that time.


  • PMS Relief


PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is a problem that has a long list of symptoms for women. From mood swings to skin breakouts to back pain and everything in between, it can be a dreadful experience for women running up to periods. However, taking the pill can help combat many of these symptoms thanks to the hormonal balance that it induces. There are still many mysteries around PMS, but taking the pill to ease the symptoms has long been one of the most recommended remedies.


  • Helps Endometriosis


Endometriosis is a potentially serious condition in which the tissue lining of a woman’s uterus also grows in other places in and around the area. This is the tissue that bleeds, and therefore a lot of pain can be experienced at different times of the month in the entire stomach and abdomen area. Birth control pills are a sensible option for treatment in this regard because periods can be skipped altogether to avoid the pain and inflammation.


If you suffer from any of the above problems, talk with a doctor about whether the contraceptive pill could relieve your symptoms. If you are already taking one type of pill, have a conversation about whether a change would be beneficial.

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