Amazing women apps



Technology is doing wonders for everyone these days. For students, for kids, for managers and for who-not! A lot of it’s part is dedicated to women too! There are so many technologies that help women with their daily lives, both on the work and home front.

Mobiles or cell phones are also a gift of technology to us! And internet came next! And then smartphones with smart apps! These apps are designed to serve different purpose to various people in different walks of life. You have an app on the web for almost everything today! From drawing a caricature to consulting a doctor! Here are some apps that we think can help women greatly and every woman must download them to their smart device!

  1. CLUE:

    Clue is an app designed to track the monthly cycle of a woman. It will tell you when is your period on it’s way. It will predict your moods according to your hormonal cycles and it also tells you about the fertile days of the month( days when you can try to conceive). The app is designed in a very simple and interactive manner and it is really easy to use.


    Companion is a safety app designed by the students of university of Michigan. This app lets you select your companions for a journey, longer as from one station to another or shorter as from office to home! You have to select people from your contacts, whom you can keep informed in real time about your position while travelling on that route. It supports a live map and if you do not reach the destination in time or your phone falls off, it sends you a safety check message which if not responded in 15 seconds, sends an alert to all your companions! You can also call police or self send a message to companions if you sense something fishy, while on your way.

  1. OPI:

    OPI is an app that lets you check how is your nail color going to look on your nails! Yes! If you are not sure of a new color or are not ready to risk a color with a new ring! Install OPI ! you can try painting your nails virtually and never regret your choice again!

  1. UBER:

    UBER is a transportation app that helps you get cabs for a ride to your destination, just on a click! You can very easily select a destination and order a ride, right away. The details of the cab and cab driver will immediately flash on your screen and you can easily share these details with a buddy for security concerns.


    SHOPSAVVY is a shopping app that lets you find whatever you buy, but at the most reasonable price from all over the internet. It compares all the stores having the product that you wish to buy and brings you the best price! It never lets you regret buying a stuff and then finding it on a lesser price at some other store, later!


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