Anal Sex: How do you make your experience better?

Anal Sex: How do you make your experience better?

You might have experienced your boyfriend nagging to have anal sex. Men do like the idea much more than women who are actually intimidated at the first thought of it. But does the female sex actually hate it? It is more subjective than you could ever think of.


Yes, the discomfort might threaten you to give it up altogether but the pleasure associated with it once you get the hang of the experience, is incomparable.


If you really want to feel it to the utmost, you need to orient yourself psychologically first. For if you are too anxious or scared at the beginning, you are bound to experience pain.


How does anal sex mentally affect the sexes?

Anal Sex: How do you make your experience better?

Two very different psychological outlook make the idea of anal sex debatable. The fact that the anal door is an exit point for faeces, anal sex can make many cringe at the onset especially for women who have an aesthetic inclination towards the whole idea of bonding with their partner in bed.


What a lot of women will have reservations about is the fact that anal sex can be a selfish form of experiencing pleasure for the man. In an act where the women too is demanding of equal pleasure, she might just associate herself as an object for sexual satisfaction of the man at the cost of making her feel all the pain. However, a few wish to have it just for the experience of it. This could be linked to a greater act of submission on the part of the woman  who would want to give her all to the man she loves.


Although there is no single theory that tells us why men love the idea of anal sex, a number of  suggestions could be offered. Few believe that men enjoy anal sex for the freedom of engaging in the act without protection. Then there are those who feel that it gives the male ego a boost because of the power that this position allows men, to dominate while entering through the rear.


How do you make the most of the experience?


  • Communicate with your partner

Anal Sex: How do you make your experience better?

Speak to him about your concerns. If you have reservations about it be open. There is no point putting yourself through all the discomfort and complaining later.


  • Have realistic expectations about it

Yes, it might pain to a great extent. It may take a number of trials to finally have him inside your anus. Seek help of lubricants to enhance your pleasure.


  • Be open to her

The guy should understand what the woman communicates and be prepared to calm her during the act instead of being forceful and demanding. Be respectful of her feelings and she will definitely want to cooperate the next time even if the first trial fails.


  • Both the partners should be willing to have anal sex

Anal Sex: How do you make your experience better?

You need to understand that pressurising your partner can do a greater psychological damage. Be ready to stop thrusting inside her if the pain is unbearable.


  • Stimulate her to heighten the pleasure

Ensure a great foreplay to have her drawn into you. You can use sex toys for the purpose. Anal sex cannot be rushed for the region cannot be naturally lubricated like the vagina. Help her orgasm during the act by rubbing her clit so that the sense of pleasure can distract her from the pain.


There is nothing to fear about anal sex. Trust your partner and you might just find it working the best for your him and you.



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