And the woman lived happily ever after

Every girl has a dreamland where she awaits a prince charming who will take her away to his kingdom of love, spending an eternity happily ever after. It is good to dream and you have to wish from heart in order to get a desire or dream fulfilled. But when a dream does not find its realization, you feel lost and shattered. It is not necessary for every person to be lucky in relationships, so if you have not found true love yet, does not mean you will end up alone and empty. How about creating your own happily ever after?


Every woman deserves love: We women are emotionally very fragile, half of our life is about compromises and sacrifices and yet we pretend to be happy for the sake of our loved ones. If you have not been loved it is not your fault. Every woman deserves love and respect. You cannot blame your own self for a failure of a relationship. There are a few people who actually know the worth of a real diamond, so if someone fails to understand your worth, you are not to be blamed.


Give your dreams a worthwhile meaning: You do not have to sink into the haze of gloominess just because you failed to find the love of your life. You can use this depression and pessimism as your strength to create the “more powerful you.” Focus on your career or things that actually make you happy. Failures and setbacks in life are a disguise for brighter opportunities out there. It depends on your attitude that you come out being stronger or weak. So give your dreams a worthwhile meaning, find happiness in your work.


Close the doors that lead nowhere: Confusion in a relationship is not likely to disappear after breakup and then patching up again. It is good to close some doors that lead nowhere. Instead of wasting time thinking about why it happened and how it should be amended, let go of it. If you have tried your best to make things work, leave your fate to God. It would only hurt trying to make things work when deep down you know, the other person is least bothered.


Regrets only make things worse: We all feel regrets after a relationship failure. “It would have been better if I had never met him” is a thought that will haunt you for months. Try thinking about what this relationship gave you, if nothing it has made you a stronger and different person, ready to combat with the harsh realities of life. Do not whine about your situation; instead come out of it like a real woman. Nothing can break you if you believe in yourself.


True love does exist: Do not let this failure make you think that true love is a non-existent bookish fantasy. Love has many meanings and infinite forms, maybeyou have failed to find the conventional one but be prepared for the life’s delightful surprises. You are likely to get what you truly deserve!