7 Ways anger can be healthy and life-changing!

7 Ways anger can be healthy and life-changing!


Anger has always been portrayed as a negative emotion and it is said that it is destructive and unhealthy. A recent study found out that it can actually be utilized for the betterment of our lives. Here are ways in which it can be fruitful for you.

Before we proceed, we need to know that there are two types of anger i.e. ‘constructive’ and ‘destructive’.  The one that is going to be rewarding for you is constructive anger.

Constructive anger paves way for strong mental health whereas destructive is being aggressive, impulsive, and unstable. Practicing constructive anger means being solution-oriented, balanced and working self-examination.



Life is unpredictable and situations of emergency can arise anytime, anywhere. You must have observed that if someone is attacked suddenly, the only emotion that motivates them to fight back and protect themselves is anger. It energizes you and pumps up your adrenaline in a way that will be handy to you in a crisis.



7 Ways anger can be healthy and life-changing!

Anger is a component emotion that benefits us if a threatening situation is nearing us. It is triggered by intuitions that signal that you are in a site where you aren’t being treated well. It stimulates our internal signs that we must either leave the place or prepare ourselves.



We all know that ‘Old habits die hard’. We all have loopholes in the kind of lifestyles we follow or at times in the conduct of our behavior. Human beings are so egoistic that even if the shortcomings are pointed out to them, they refuse to admit their flaws. Anger is the only emotion that helps you accommodate changes in your lives. This is feasible when it is directed in the right direction. It should be used to replace bad habits with good ones as it is a great motivational force.



7 Ways anger can be healthy and life-changing!

Constructive anger is a fruitful source to extract strength and stability in relationships. When you are angry with your friend or your lover, instead of shouting at them or playing the blame game, analyze the situation with anger accompanied by calmness. This will help your present your words in the best manner possible and will not only help you handle the situation in smarter ways but will also assure you as a mature and rational individual.



7 Ways anger can be healthy and life-changing!

Our lazy attitude doesn’t allow us to focus in resourceful matters intended to grow us competently. The only emotion that helps breaks the procrastination approach is anger. It also helps you if you are feeling undervalued by your seniors at office or when you feel that things are not being fair with you at the workplace. In such situations, use your anger to solve the matter by talking to the concerned person. If you analyze the issue, you will know where you need to make yourself heard. Channel your emotion into concrete and constructive actions and you will witness that slowly and gradually, people are being more respectful towards you.


Not many people know but it is a great way for healing. We all encounter events in our lives that are traumatic, unlucky or heavily disturbing. It helps an individual get rid of these feelings by contributing in the recovery process if we know how to master constructive anger management.



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