Aquarius Man and Aries Woman: Love Compatibility?

If you ask an Aries woman what she wants in her man, she will have a list of weird demands. Or she’ll say she doesn’t know. If you are playing cupid, try finding an Aquarius man for her. He’s the perfect combination of unique, mysterious and exciting that she’s looking for in her life. And she’s probably the only woman who can keep up with him. Their relationship will be a drama the likes of which even Shakespeare couldn’t have written. But it won’t have his characteristic sad ending. Even if they break up it would still be a ride they would forever cherish. Ready to know more about the ups and downs of the Aquarius man and Aries woman relationship?

aquarius aries compatibility

Are Aries and Aquarius Soulmates?

That is a very legitimate question. And one whose answer is quite complicated. This relationship is influenced by the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern vibration. The blending of their auras brings them into shared experiences of travel, education and spiritual discovery. This couple is destined to find one another. They are both curiously attracted to anything new. Until they’ve attracted all the fun and truth out of it. What could be more fascinating than the Aquarius man with his queer ways? And boy! She’s turning heads as it is.

They never find each other lacking in fascination. Linda Goodman explains it as “a memory of their Karmic memories from former reincarnations, as well as hopes, wishes and dreams of present existence”. This is the only couple brought together by shared experiences of their past lives. Yet, their approach to their relationship might differ. He approaches every experience with a studied detachment. She throws herself into things with total commitment. Should they date, they will often find themselves at odds over this. Let’s delve a little deeper into the Astrological aspect of their association.

They have a karmic obligation to one another. The relationship involved either some great blessing or some great sadness brought from one to the other. If you are from another sign you are probably reading this and thinking it’s just some nonsense. But these two zodiac signs will feel this connection. Even the more non-believer-type personalities will agree too.

Can an Aries Woman Attract an Aquarius Man?

 aries aquarius attraction

Can the Aquarius man attract the Aries woman? Of course, they can and they will. Their attraction is essentially one of emotional appeal and intellectual curiosity. I have already explained how fascinating the two of them find each other. Once they get to know one another, this fascination only increases. He’s unpredictable which excites her. It’s a challenge to guess what it is that he will do next. And when he surprises her with something that makes her happy, she will count her blessings.

His eccentric, weird ways attract her. She hates boring conventional men. What could be worse than being stuck with a man who doesn’t add anything new to her life? But the Aquarius male needs variety in her life just to survive. But what will really get her about him is something else. He will always keep her guessing about whether he cares about her or not. He doesn’t want to give away how he feels unless he is sure himself. He isn’t waiting to be sure of whether he likes her or not. But whether he is ready to commit or not. However, if there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that he will definitely be interested in this woman. All she has to do is be herself.

Do Aries and Aquarius Make a Good Couple?

There would be no problems between these two if only one of them was mature. But then there would be no attraction between them either. He loves to play games. Always keeping those around him guessing his true feelings. She only plays the games she can win. But he has no patience for this attitude of hers. He likes to keep things fair and square. So, he’ not about to offer her any shortcuts around his trap. No matter how much she pleads or cries. He will misunderstand her independence. He will think she doesn’t need his support at all. So, when she cries about not getting his cheat codes, he’ll be angry at the hypocrisy.

She’ll complain that he’s aloof and detached. Or downright cruel and sadistic. His vision is so broad that he can’t look at individual emotions but collective happiness. It’s not that he doesn’t care. It’s just that he doesn’t see individual suffering. He has lots of friends and she won’t get along with all of them. So, when he brings the ones she doesn’t like over to the house, she will have issues. Very loud ones. But it is best she lets him bring them home. Because if they meet outside, what will follow is not something she would appreciate.

Another problem between them has to do with the nature of their zodiac signs. She’s cardinal and likes to lead. He’s fixed and refuses to follow. My brother is an Aquarius and I know how frustrating it gets when you want them to do something. Even the smallest of requests are met with instant defiance.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man in Bed

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man in Bed 

 Their sex life will be just as interesting as their relationship. Their sexual mating may be unpredictable. I mean, were you expecting anything else? You might think that you know all there is to know about her expectations. But that was for the conventional men. In the beginning, her direct, flaming drive will go right over his head. He will run out of the room after the first kiss. Trying to figure out what just happened. This innocent fool will turn her on, and the lady Ram will turn into a vixen.

But, he’s willing to be educated. This will be a fresh experience compared to all the men she has been with before. All of them, in their male egos, though they knew what she wanted. Now she has a man whom she can teach from scratch. Her aura of freshness and lack of guile will strongly appeal to him. He isn’t a virgin. Neither is he unaware of the know-how. But the Aquarius man approaches all new encounters with the innocence of the first time.

His apparent detachment and her impatience for anything less than instant gratification can be a problem. There isn’t a man who can cope up with this desire of the Aries female. But this is no ordinary couple either. That’s what we need to focus on. Harmonious Sun-Moon relationship can help improve their sexual union through practice. And both are ready to teach and learn.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man Soulmates

So, the question remains: Should the Aries female and Aquarius male get married? I don’t see why not. But how will she get past the tricks he plays to hide his emotions. She’ll have an easier time if she understands that he means the opposite of what he shows. He laughs because he’s sad. And cries, because he feels very happy. He tries very best to not let you know how he is feeling. But secretly hopes that you figure out. Another trick to make this work is to focus on his vices and not his virtues. He’s weird, what could be more exciting than sharing his world-view? He’s unpredictable, what can be more exhilarating? He’s always thinking about the greater good, what could be kinder?

He tries to be optimistic and sympathetic but it often consists of rather vague generalities. A lot of his responses to your sadness are dependent on his mood. Otherwise, he’s looking at the broader picture. If he feels like your grief has a greater significance, he will only focus on that. But they are lucky to have been influenced by 3-11 vibration. This influence dictates the ease of friendship and communication can help ease any tension. All their differences can be resolved when they calm their hearts. And maybe try meditating together. An esoteric free-thinking association can help surprisingly well.

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