Are you in love ? 


Love, that amazing, exciting and scary thing. Which can make you fly in the air without Aladdin’s beautiful carpet. Which can drive you crazy either with happiness or with undying pain. It’s scary to be in love yet it’s wonderful. Every single one of us at some point in our lives had fallen or will fall in love. We never know if that guy/girl is right for us but we do experience the exhilarating feeling. Yes, we all do. Love is having such an argument that can be fatal but somehow being able to look into each others eyes and forgiving each other. It’s knowing he/she is a sweetheart but calling him/her a schmuck. Real love never wears off. It’s unpredictable. But the question is, how do we know if we are really in love or if it’s just another fatal attraction? Test yourself against these conditions and place a checkmark where you agree. If you get the maximum number of ticks out of these ten conditions then you’re in love, hon.

1) You can’t sleep, oh you just can’t! 

You toss and turn all night long but you aren’t able to close your wide eyes and hush your brain to sleep. All you think of, is her. You think of the next time when you will see her and get all excited and goof up your sleep. You think of the things you’ll tell her the other day or the places where you’ll take her. But hey! Sleeping peacefully when you’re in love is also a possibility. You’re so happy with your life, after meeting her that you get an awesome sleep after a long time.

2) You can do anything 

When you’ree in love with a person, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make that person happy. If asked, you are ready to sing in public or do a cartwheel, you would say YES to anything to make her smile.

3) The first and the last thing you think of 

Is she? The fist thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you day dream of before you actually go to bed? Well, if that’s so, you’re madly in love.

4) you are afraid of none.

When you are in love, you aren’t afraid of telling the world that YOU ARE IN LOVE. You aren’t afraid to be spotted with her, holding her hand, you aren’t afraid of anything at all. You are willing to compromise. Because for you, it’s just you and her.

5) For you, she’s perfect 

It doesn’t matter if she has got a crooked nose or a tiny body, if you’re in love, for you she’s the one. She is perfect and you adore her. You love whatever she says, whatever she does. Even the way she eats her food makes her look pretty.

6) you try to be better

The crucial part of being in love is you try to be a good human being and try all sorts of things to impress her. You start bathing daily, you wear clean and good clothes, you drop a few coins in the beggar’s pouch and ultimately, you try to be the best version of yourself.

7) you want her to be the way she is 

When you’re in love, you wouldn’t like to change a single thing in your crush. You will love her unconditionally, in spite of her flaws. You will never tell her, “you could have done it that way, dear” or “that colour would have suited you more.” No. When you’re in love, you will simply accept.

8) you want to share everything 

You want to talk about your family, your friends, your childhood, the secrets which you’ve never shared with even your best friend with her. You want to know more about her, her perceptions and beliefs. You want to take away all her sadness and bless her with unceasing comfort. You want to be with her during the tough times and during the good times too. You want her to know everything about you and vice versa.

9) you imagine your future 

When you’re in love, your imagination is at its peak. You imagine a future with that person and you think about the long term. You think of all the pros and cons of spending all your life with that one person.

10) you can think of nothing but her 

See if you can go about an hour without thinking of her. If she is still finding ways to enter your thoughts and you can’t think or focus on nothing, congratulations, you’re in love.


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