When an Aries Man Wants to Marry You

It’s an honour to be proposed to by an Aries male. No, my bias is not getting in the way of this. it’s just that it happens so rarely that he finds the perfect woman. A woman that makes him want to give up his free reign on life and settle down. You must be something for him to look at you and say, “This is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with”. So, what’s the process behind this miracle? He can’t tell you because he doesn’t understand it either. We, Aries, describe these things as fate. But you should know better than to leave things to fate. And so, I bring to you all the advice that Astrology has to offer on the matter of Aries men. Especially when an Aries man wants to marry you!

aries man wants to marry you

Signs an Aries Man is in Love with You

Let’s begin by figuring out if he’s there yet. Timing is very important with men of this zodiac sign. So, you must know if things have reached a point where he might propose. The most obvious sign is that there will be a lot of PDA. An affectionate Aries man is not an unusual sign. But does it seem like he can’t keep his hands off of you? Well, if he’s in love then that is a feeling he cannot contain. He is bound to express it in whatever way he can.

Here’s a man who loves to be on his own. But if he’s spending a lot of time with you, then that indicates he’s in love. He doesn’t hang around people he doesn’t like. Even his friends don’t get all his time and attention. But the woman he loves will be his top priority. Which brings us to the next sign, you will be his top priority. It’s a royal feeling to be loved by an Aries man. Very rarely, you will find a man, whose top priority is the woman he loves. He is that rare species.

And so, he will try to stay in touch as much as possible. You will always have an ongoing conversation with him over text. He will call whenever he can. He will try to meet you as much as he can. Time and attention would not be something you will have to be worried about.

Aries Man in Marriage

aries man as a husband 

Now that you know if he’s in love with you or not, let’s look at the next part of this. Is he husband material? We all have different expectations of the man we wish to marry. So, does he fit your mould? You will have to be at the mercy of his decision to get married. Commitment is not something that scares him. Change does. So, if he feels like you have a great thing going, he wouldn’t want to bring marriage into it. And this is not something you can force him into either. You will have to be the caretaker of finances in the house. He is a free spirit that will not be tied down by responsibility. He might change jobs and make extravagant purchases. You will have to be the person who keeps the money saved for the future.

Pride will not “go-eth” before the marriage. Ego will always be an issue with people born under this zodiac. Male or female. He would want to be the alpha in the household. To take the lead in everything. Can you handle that need to be the head of the family? Do take into consideration the kind of person he is before the marriage. If he’s someone who liked a lot of alone time, that will percolate into the marriage too. This depends from Aries to Aries. But the main thing is that he will be the same person after marriage that he was before. Don’t expect the nuptials to change anything.

How to get an Aries Man to Marry You?

Does he fit your description of the perfect husband? But you are not sure if he wants to marry you or not? Here are some tips to help you get him to marry you. Don’t let the chase end. If he gets too comfortable, he would never take the next step. So, continue being interesting and fun. Play the ‘coy’ card. Flirt around a little (but only so much that doesn’t affect your relationship). Spend more time around the people he loves. If he’s in love he will introduce you to his friends and family. Try to get along with all of them. If he sees you fit perfectly into that system, he would feel the need to make you a permanent member.

But don’t let your desperation to get married, show. Here’s what works with these men: mystery! If you give away your desire to get married that will put him off. But if he’s not sure, he would want to figure it out. In this process, he will discover his own stand on it too. However, make sure he doesn’t jump into marriage for the thrill of taking a risk. Aries men love to try out new things and take risks. What they don’t understand is that marriage is not something that can be left to chance. So, no matter how eager you are to get married, make sure he is taking a well-thought-through decision. What is most important to remember is that you hold your ground. Don’t cave because you want to please him. Don’t lower your expectations from the relationship.

When Will an Aries Man Propose?

 aries man proposes marriage

 So, how do you know when will he be proposing? It wouldn’t be difficult to guess. But you can never be too sure with these questions. Can you? So, if he’s about to propose, he will seem more impatient than usual. Now, this can even mean he is about to break-up. But when they want to break up Aries guys grow distant. Impatience is not a common break-up behaviour for them. Aries men don’t do anything important in a casual manner. So, expect the proposal to be grand.

Does it seem like he is building up a surprise? If he is going to propose you might find him contacting an air balloon service or something like that. You may feel like he is trying to hide something. More importantly, he will propose when he is sure that it is the next step for him. One indicator of this is that he will talk about marriage more often. He needs to know where you stand on this issue. He will not go in circles around the topic. Even if he seems unwilling, make sure you let him know where you truly stand on the issue of marriage.

Are your meetings with his family and friends increasing? He has to break the news to his loved ones too. So, he would try to make them used to have you around as well. What better way to do that than having you around them more? This way he can get their take on his decision too. He might get a little too vulnerable due to the nervousness. This is a big step for both of you. But he was less prepared for this. Naturally, taking the leap will put pressure on him. So, he might snap more, leading to the big proposal.

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