Aries Woman and Leo Man: Love Compatibility?

Do you know what was so romantic between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler? What brought them together even though Scarlett thought she was in love with Ashley? He was her equal, and she was his. It’s often thought romantic to fall in love with someone who worships you. But if you are a fire sign in the zodiac cycle, you know how boring that gets after a fashion. The Aries woman and the Leo man know that. So, when they find each other, they know they have met their match. They can feel the sparks fly the first time they meet. Ever so often, these sparks will start a fire somewhere. But even that rage will fuel this passionate couple. So, my dear Ram, are you ready to dance with the Lion?

aries leo compatibility

Aries Woman and Leo Man Chemistry

This union can mean a thousand years of peace or Ragnarök. There is no middle ground when it comes to this couple. But fear not, if it is not meant to work out, they will separate soon enough. The Aries female and the Leo male are not people to waste their time on things. When they see that a relationship is futile, they move on. But the partition won’t be without its own storms. This couple is influenced by the 5-9 Sun Sign vibration pattern. This means that they recognise how superior the other person is. Especially when compared to those around them. This fills them with genuine admiration for each other. And that is the basic requirement for the people they date.

This is a power couple. But even Beyoncé and Jay-Z have troubles in their marriage. There will be conflicts when their strong and sensitive egos clash. She likes to order around and he likes to establish his superiority. Neither likes to budge and often erupt into flames. Those around them would repeatedly wonder, how they manage to stay together. But they always figure out a way to work out their differences. Because at the end of the day, they know they won’t find anyone better. The Aries woman has met her match. The Leo man has found his Queen.

Why is the Leo Man Attracted to the Aries Woman?

 leo man and aries woman attraction

Being attracted to one another is only natural for these two. They were, as they say, meant to be together. There is an instant attraction between them, even if it takes time to convert into a relationship. If you know the Aries woman and the Leo man, you will understand this. Only if their natal charts are negatively afflicted will they dislike each other from the first glance. He sees her for who she is. He knows that there is something special about this woman. Something that makes her, his perfect queen. Only she can walk beside him. Beside him, and not behind him.

He doesn’t mind her fiery temperament which is a turn off for most men. In fact, he encourages her to be feisty. This is mainly because he isn’t insecure about his own thunder. And nothing excites him more than a woman who can match his fire. She admires a man with physical and emotional strength. He possesses both, which makes her trust him easily. She knows she can depend on him. Which is not what she feels around most men.

Her naivety and innocence stir a deep tenderness in him. He feels compelled to protect her. To guide her through this cruel world. Her genuine guilelessness touches a chord in his idealistic heart. And if all goes well, they might tame each other. Wouldn’t that be a miracle?

Are Aries and Leos Sexually Compatible?

 If you have been with me this far, you know the answer to this. The Aries woman and the Leo man strike a powerful physical vibration in each other. This is intensified by their constant emotional stimulation. Making it difficult for them to keep their hands off of each other. But this won’t be an empty experience to satisfy their bodies. Their sexual union will be wonderfully healing and fulfilling for both. Both these zodiac signs believe in sex being the purest expression of love. It won’t be a surprise if all their fights end in makeup sex.

They provide each other what they want: passion, blended with affection. Very few people are able to understand what these two expect from their sex lives. Even those who try to satisfy their needs, often fall short. Nothing can ever imitate genuine desire. Their sexual union will be a journey of self-discovery. They will uncover feelings that were safely buried inside of them. After being disappointed by so many, they had probably given up on these desires. Discarding them as foolish dreams. But with each other, they will realise their deepest desires.

His past exploits might disturb their sexual relationship. The Aries female has this unreasonable expectation that any man she beds must be a virgin. While other men might please her by saying they never experienced anything like what they feel with her. The Leo male is too proud to lie about his sexual history. As for her long list of lovers. Well, she never gave them her heart as she did with him.

Aries Woman and Leo Man Relationship Problems

 aries leo relationship problems

 By now you are probably convinced that this is a match made in heaven. Well, if you have read or seen Gone with the Wind, don’t jump to conclusions. I compared them to Rhett and Scarlet. Not Ashley and Melanie. He is more sensible and practical than her. And he doesn’t shy away from shining the light of his wisdom on her. She will accuse him of being pokey and stuffy. She wants unfettered freedom. Nor does she think he knows more than he does. Also, who is he to try and put her in chains? And that instant vitality of hers will wear him out. The Aries represents the infant on the Karmic cycle. So, she obviously has more energy than him.

But the Lion hates to be continuously bothered by the prancing Ram. In his anger, he will drown her enthusiasm. And she will wound his pride by ignoring his advice. if he thinks this will subdue her, he couldn’t be wrong. Her response to being scolded is to charge at the perpetrator with her horns. So begins a long and gruesome battle whose victim will be their tender hearts. Both suffer from jealousy and intolerance for it. But his intolerance is more acute than hers. He sees her jealousy as an invasion of his freedom. Dare she tries to cage the Lion?

And don’t feel sorry for the Aries female. She is trying to cage him. She will order him around and he doesn’t follow orders. He will then deliberately not do what she wants. And in return, he would force his superiority on her. If he thinks she will accept his dictatorship without a fight, he doesn’t know the first thing about her.

Are Aries and Leos Compatible to Get Married?

Everything happens at the speed of lightning in this relationship. If they feel they are compatible together, they will get married. And that will be a successful marriage. The safety of his presence will calm and reassure her of happiness. She knows that he will protect her from everything out there. She no longer has to worry about getting hurt because of her infantile nature. Her belief in him and his dreams will fuel his dedication. Despite his strong belief in himself, he will find himself questioning his worth. Especially when he is about to take a life-altering risk. But she knows him and knows that he will achieve whatever he sets his mind to.

Even though his ruling star is the Sun, she will supply the fire in their marriage. Her enthusiasm and innocence can fuel a million stars. Her energy is contagious and he will never fall out of love with that. Most of their quarrels are deliberate, just to feel the magic of making up again. This is why it is so easy for them to fall back in line so easily. They both need something exciting to continuously challenge them. So, when no challenge presents itself, they make one up. A word of advice for the Aries female. You can get him to do anything for you if you keep pampering his ego. All he wants is to feel like he is the one in charge. But don’t start bragging about your ulterior motives. For that will cause a deep fissure in your relationship.

And Leo man, I have some parting word for you too. You are the only man she will respect enough to listen to. So, don’t force her into submission, gently lead her in the right direction. She will resist at first, but she is not blind to reason. Despite the trials, it is worth the work. For the world is watching in anticipation that the birth of love between them will herald the long ago prophecies of Peace promised to the world… “when the lamb shall lie down with the lion”.



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