How to Attract a Libra Man? Tips and Advice!

Was it that beautiful smile that enchanted you? Oh! it has to be for that is the ultimate weapon in the Libran arsenal. One that even Harry Potter couldn’t have escaped if it were the curse Voldemort had used. If you find yourself infatuated with this man in so short a duration it’s not your fault. The Libran man defined love, believe it or not. But this knight in shining armor is too good to be true. Because deep inside lie habits that will get in the way of love. Want to know the secret to his heart? Keep reading!!

attract libra man

Understanding Libra Man

Chances are that many of your girlfriends have a crush on this Libra man who has brought you to this blog. It’s easy for the Libran men to attract the opposite gender. Supernatural powers have endowed this gift in him. But he isn’t all that fairy tale like a character that will whisk you off your feet. This zodiac is represented by the scales which can tip to one side or the other anytime. Does he seem unsure about you? is it difficult to get his attention sometimes? How do you navigate through the great number of women who surround him? In this blog, I’ll share some astrology-based secrets to give you an edge over your competition.

How to Make a Perfect First Impression?

You obviously need to dress to impress the Libra man. What he likes is conservative dressing. Libra men are not into very revealing or sensual clothing. They are attracted to the colors pink, purple and green. Don’t try to mix and match these colors unless you are certain you cannot go wrong. Also, try on subtle shades and not neon or too loud alternatives.

Catching a Libra man’s attention is very easy. All you need to do is work up the courage to speak around him. He might seem very chatty but don’t engage him in gossip. Since they have a strong sense of justice they hate talking behind someone’s back. A nice icebreaker would be to ask for his advice on something.

Libra’s love to engage in debate especially one where they know their opinion will be hailed. Talking about pop culture and having full knowledge of what you are talking about can also help you keep his attention.

What Does a Libra Man Look for in a Woman?

woman for libra man

Once you have a Libra man interested in you he wouldn’t ignore you unless he didn’t like you. If a Libra man is attracted to a woman he doesn’t search for other options and sees this venture he has started to the end. So, what is it that he looks for in the woman he would like to be in a relationship with? To begin with they want someone with a strong moral compass. Libras are all about justice and they will not stand someone who will let injustice happen. Worst still, perpetrate injustice.

Libras love to lead a lavish life. Even if they have little means they will get the best that they can afford. They won’t like someone who is frugal. They like women that are outgoing and fun to be with. They don’t mind spending a day indoors but would much rather go outside. Being an intellectual, he is on the lookout for someone who can match his intellectual level. These men are romantic. While you would rarely need to put in an effort (since he will do it all himself) he does look for a partner who has a romantic side. If he has a wandering eye and is spacing out, then he has lost interest in you and is looking for someone else.

How to Get Him to Chase You?

The Libra man is looking for a partner who can complement and challenge him at the same time. If you are someone with whom he can discuss every topic on this planet, he will not let you go. Libra men are very keen observers. They take into account every emotion and facial expression of a person. That is what makes them so sensitive and understanding.

Naturally, they expect their partners to be keen observers too. Libra men fall for genuine compliments very easily. This is a way of ascertaining that you are at the same wavelength as them. Don’t reveal all about yourself in one go. Let the mystery about you linger. That too is a challenge he wouldn’t mind taking on. If you are someone he can have excellent conversations with then he wouldn’t let you go.

What Does a Libra Man Want in Bed?

libra man bed

To begin with, your physical relationship needs to have meaning. Libra men don’t engage in sex just to satisfy their physical needs. Make love to him, don’t just have sex. Next most important thing is to make it romantic. Light candles, put on some romantic music, etc. etc. all of this will turn this man on.

The Libra man’s erogenous area is his bum. So, grab his ass whenever you want to turn him on. This man is looking for an adventure even in bed. Your sexual experience should be exciting. Try something new every time. Of course, the most important thing is that you are comfortable doing what you do since that is equally important to him.

While he does want you to be intellectually strong, don’t try to have the same conversations in bed. Talk dirty to him. He needs to know that you are sexually attracted to him. This is your way of being sure.

How to Make the Libra Man Fall in Love with You?

The most important thing to making him fall in love is to keep the romance alive. He is all about love and romance is proof of it being alive. Make every date memorable and celebrate all anniversaries. Dress for him. It’s not just about the first time and then going back to sweatpants everywhere. If you dress up for him that makes him feel special. Again. Dress conservatively. Even if he knows you well now, he doesn’t like too revealing dresses.

Be strong in the relationship. He is not looking for a damsel in distress. He doesn’t need to save you to feel manly. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you to depend on him when you genuinely need help. Just that he will respect and love you if you can stand for yourself. Avoid conflicts and drama. Libra is a sign of peace and harmony, so, he would hate conflict with his loved ones.

Above all else, be fair to him and everyone else too. It is very important for him to know that you have a strong sense of justice. If you can keep up with him, you are in for a romantic journey that will last a lifetime.


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