How to Attract a Taurus Man? My Secret Tips!

There are those of us who get attracted to contagious energies like those of the Aries and Leo men. Then there are others, looking for quiet and gentle love. The latter kind gets attracted to the shy bull, the Taurean man. Was it that shy smile that he passes? Or that innocence in the way he talks to you? If anyone were to tell you that he is a passionate romantic, you would say they are talking about the wrong person. But he did get you to this blog, didn’t he? Are you ready to tame the bull? You have come to the right place.


What is the Taurus Man’s Personality like?

I somehow get along really well with Taurus men. Some of my best friends are Taurus and while their individual personalities differ, their stars do impart some common characteristics to all of them. For starters, they aren’t the most extroverted kind of men. You will rarely hear a Taurus man’s booming voice in a room.

So, it won’t be love at first sight with him. But as you get to know him you will start identifying a gentleman like no other. A Taurean man in love can be the most passionate lover. He displays that love really well too, with substance and not just dreams like most of the other zodiacs. But don’t confuse him with a pushover.

You don’t want to put him in one of those rare periods of anger. Because when the Bull awakens, he ruins everything in his path. You’ll probably have to face that once or twice a year. But the rest of the journey will be roses and rainbows. Still interested in being the matador? Keep Reading!!

How to Make the Perfect First Impression?

Attracting the Taurean male to you is more about you as a person than any other trick. So, keep these few things in mind when trying to make your move. For starters, win his trust. You won’t go anywhere with this man if he doesn’t trust you. While he won’t trust you within days, at least present yourself as someone who is trustworthy. Hints will not work on him. You will have to start as a friend. He won’t date a stranger, so, being a friend is your strongest bet. This is especially important since he is very shy. Being his friend will open him up to you.

Show off your feminity. He is not a man who gets attracted easily to the modern-day female. He does expect his partner to be a traditional woman. Following that line of thought, dress feminine with focus on subtlety. It’s not that he expects you to be draped in a saree, just don’t try too hard to get attention towards your body. A dress that highlights your curves in a subtle way works best. Use your perfume and make-up strategically. He doesn’t mind either but makes sure you look good in what you do. So, keep experimentation to a minimum when trying to woo him.

How to Attract a Taurus Man Through Text?

attract taurus man

Communication is an important step for building a relationship with this man. So, you need to have a strategy when texting him. Don’t go for the heavy stuff. He will not start pouring his emotions on the phone right away and neither should you. Allow the Taurean to feel comfortable. For that to happen you need to keep your texts light-hearted and funny.

He’s not good at responding to texts. Don’t think that it is because of something you did wrong. My Taurean best friend doesn’t respond for months on end sometimes. Subtle flirtation is encouraged. You don’t have to keep the entire conversation ‘Business-only’. Showing interest in him does help to break him to the idea that you are interested in more than just friendship.

Bring your intelligence and curiosity to the picture. If you come across an interesting fact or piece of news, share it with him. He would like his love interest to have an intelligent side to them. Most importantly, he hates drama or any form of conflict. Avoid confrontation as much as you can. The bull doesn’t like to charge or be charged at.

How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You?

The Taurus man is not someone who likes to be chased. So, you will have to wait for him to do the chasing. Given how shy he is you will have to be the first one to confess your interest in him. He might seem disinterested in you but he is observing you. When you feel like you have reached a place where he trusts you some, reveal your feelings to him.

Don’t force him to make his mind immediately. Give him time to process this revelation. In the meantime, don’t be weird about it. Let things go as they normally have. Reveal your feeling only if you can manage this or else you will scare him.

Make him feel comfortable with you. Taureans can take a very long time to make up their mind about something. So, his response to your advances will come in their due time. Till that happens, work on making him comfortable with the idea of you in his life. Don’t stop trying to win his trust. Start by keeping this episode to yourself. If he hears about it from others that will not be good. Cease flirting with other men too. Trust is equivalent to loyalty.

Give him attention and praise. You have to boost his ego to make you seem essential to him. Many of my Taurean friends have run away from condescending partners.

How to Make the Taurus Man Miss You?

You might have to take a step back while he processes your interest in him. He needs time to make a decision and, in the meantime, you have to work on making him miss you. Start by putting some distance. He has no reason to think about your absence if you are around him constantly. So, stop texting or calling often. You don’t have to meet on a daily basis.

When you do text him or get back in touch make it memorable. Text something seductive. He should feel the romance you bring to his life. Do things that make him think of you. For example, spraying some of your perfume on something you are sure he will use. If he feels your presence around him even when you are physically absent, he will miss you.

When Cara said “I put some pics up lookin’ sexy, Now, this man wanna text me” she was giving some solid advice. Upload some really sexy pictures of yourself while you wait for his verdict. That should speed up the process.

How to Get a Taurus Man to Fall in Love with You?

 make taurus man fall in love

 If he has started to miss you, he will reach back on your offer. When he does its time to move for the kill. To make him fall in love with you need to exude feminity. Put effort in looking pretty, behave like a lady, blush when you can. All of this will contribute to making him fall even harder for you. The importance of trust cannot be stressed enough. This is not just about keeping his secrets. Loyalty, integrity, dependability, all add up to what trust means to a Taurean man.

Don’t let the sensuality die. His brand of romance is sensual. If he’s going to put effort into it, you need to as well. Pamper him with attention and food. Being an introvert, he has been ignored by most people in his life. You giving special attention to him makes you stand out and be important to him. Try to be stable and practical. He is both these things and rightfully expects the same from you. If you know yourself to be someone who cannot brag about these qualities, then depend on his good sense.

Most importantly, never embarrass him publicly. That will put him in a mood that does not end well for either of you. Don’t let the bull charge at you.

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