How to attract a Virgo man? My Secret Tips!

That gentle smile and lord-like demeanor have you enamored, right? You are not alone. While other men flaunt their machismo, a Virgo man still gets the attention of every woman in the room. He is truly a mystery that everyone wants to uncover. Yet, not all can put up with what they find once the veil is raised. Still not going to run away from the challenge? Pack your backs with all emergency supplies because you have just signed up for an adventure that ends with a pot of gold.

How to attract a Virgo man? 6 Secret Tips!

Before you read any further I need you to make a decision. Are you playing for keeps or is this just another casual relationship you are looking for? If your answer is the former, then you have found the right man. The latter will take you nowhere with him, so, turn around right now. Those seeking romantic adventures are in for a great disappointment. The Virgo men don’t do fairy tales, they believe in practical love.

Love that is unselfish and doesn’t require to be put on display with emotional outbursts and pomp. Here is a man who might not seem similar to your idea of a knight in shining armor. Or at least the idea that Shakespeare or other writers have built for you. This is the knight that has a grey character and will keep you happy, in the long run. You ready to have a real man in your life? Then you have made the right decision to choose a Virgo man.

How to Make a Perfect First Impression?

Like every other man, it is important that you dress to impress the Virgo. But he doesn’t care for your fashion sense because most probably he doesn’t have any. What he cares about is how neatly you are dressed. Dressing neatly is very important to the Virgo. He doesn’t fall for how much skin you are showing or how enhanced your curves are.

Impress him with your common sense, not compliments. Having the first conversation with a Virgo is easy because you really don’t need to put in a lot of effort. If he finds you easy to talk to, he will pay attention.

Learn to take criticism because he will hand out his expert opinion no matter how long you have known each other. Virgo men are perfectionists and don’t shy away from doing their part to make this world perfect.

Most importantly, don’t try to seduce him on the first go. Virgo men are very careful when it comes to who they date. They are also a bit conservative in that way. Making a go for it at the first meeting will make him run away from you as fast as possible.

What does a Virgo Man Dislike in a Woman?

We have an entire blog to talk about all the things he likes in a woman. But before you start making notes on that, it is important to also mention all the things that he dislikes. If you met him at a social gathering, he completely hated being there. Virgo men do not like being very social, and so, they dislike it when someone forces them to attend social gatherings. He believes that love doesn’t need to be on display all the time, or clingy either. So, if you go all crazy about him not responding to your texts or staying in touch all the time, that’s a no-go for him right there.

Do not be possessive or clingy. Being a perfectionist, they see what they begin to the end. They resent people who have a casual attitude towards anything that they decide to do. Make sure you stay committed to everything you sign up for.

They hate half-assed behavior. Neither does he approve of lazy and messy people. If you have invited him over to your place, keep it ready for a military inspection. Even an unorganized handbag can put him off.

What Attracts His Attention Towards a Woman?

Attracting a Virgo man is a very slow process. If you think he’ll start showing his attraction in a week or two, you cannot be more wrong. His attraction develops gradually and is dependent on these factors.

To begin with, he appreciates intelligence in a woman. He cannot ignore a woman who is aware of what’s happening around her and has her life sorted. No matter where you are, what time it is or how hard life has been, not letting it show in your appearance is another factor that will attract him to you. He understands that sometimes life can be hard. But he will be attracted to a woman who never lets her appearances reflect her emotions.

Punctuality is another form of perfection that he highly values. He hasn’t accepted that women are always late. He knows everyone can be on time and will most certainly pay attention to a punctual woman.

Given how much he resents public places, a home-cooked meal will most certainly make him feel that you get him. Try and keep most of your dates in places that are closer to home. You might have to downplay your independence a little. He likes to take the lead and a woman that allows him to do that will certainly be in his good graces.

How do You Get Him to Chase You?

How to attract a Virgo man? 6 Secret Tips!

Has he started to let you into his life a little more than he does others? Well, this is your chance to give your relationship a course that you want it to be on. First off, accept that he will take time accepting that he has feelings for you.

Virgo men are very analytical in nature and will never jump to decisions. Therefore, it is important that you don’t force your wishes on him. He is not someone who appreciates drama. You can talk about the problems that you are currently facing, but don’t make that the sole topic of conversations. As one Virgo man once said to me, “If you have control over your problem then do something about it. If not, then there’s no need to cry over it”.

Keep your conversations with him honest and practical. He doesn’t want you to be someone you are not. Truth is perfection to him. If you are honest then things can be worked on. He does not crave compliments. If you want to show him your appreciation do so with actions or honest appreciation. Don’t be condescending either. As much as he loves telling the world the right way to do things he applies this to himself a lot more harshly. Having someone else point out his faults to him will hurt is already fragile self-esteem.

How to Seduce Him Through Text?

There’s a methodology on how to text your Virgo crush right. For starters, you need to know the best time to send a casual text. Text him in the morning. A text that helps him start his day on a positive note is much appreciated. Don’t make it something emotional. You need to condition his image of you with positivity and fun. So, send fun and exciting texts. If you are not someone to whom humor comes naturally, then you can always rely on memes.

Since he doesn’t like clingy people, don’t text very often. If he doesn’t respond then don’t overthink things. This is just the way he is. The more you force him to do something that goes against his nature, the farther he’ll go.

Let him have his own sweet time responding. Share your positive, successful experiences with him. Virgos are always open to positive conversations. He wouldn’t mind hearing about what a great day you had, provided he isn’t having a bad day.

How to Make the Virgo Man Fall in Love with You?

The final act of this drama (or process because he hates drama) is making him fall in love with you. Think of this as inducing an awakening in him that you are the only woman who can ever make him happy. Start this by paying attention to the subtle displays of care, attention, and affection. He’s not looking for someone who will shower him with kisses and emotional proclamations. He’s looking for things that will last a lifetime.

Be as real as you can. Deception is an imperfection that he cannot stand. Don’t play games with him. If something bothers you be upfront about it. Make it known that you will have his back no matter what. If you have concerns, make them known in private. To the world, you need to appear as a team.

They like to talk during sex. Communication is the key to them. Let him know what you want. Show emotional maturity, great technique and service his needs in bed. Most importantly, give him his space. He is bound to be worried from time to time. It is healthy behavior for a Virgo and you cannot make him snap out of it. Just be there for him when he is ready to cry on your shoulder.

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