How to attract a Zodiac based on his Venus sign?

You must have plenty of articles on how to attract a man based on his zodiac sign but have you tried delving deeper to find out what it would be like to date a man based on his Venus sign? (The sign of love)

Look no further if you haven’t yet. Read on to find out what it’s going to be like to date the man you’re attracted to now:

How to attract a Zodiac based on his Venus sign?


Aries-Venus doesn’t like subtle clues or careless hints dropped for them to pick up on the idea of your being attracted to them. They are straightforward and always on their toes ready to take an action, ready to get going so there is no need for you to take resort to tools such as alternating between being available and withdrawing.

Be direct and show/tell them what you desire. There is no need to beat around the bush.


Taurus-Venus needs both physical and financial security before stepping into an association. Financial security does not mean aristocracy but being the practical sort that Taurus are, they need to feel safe and secure by themselves to be able to invest in another individual.

Apart from being practical, Taurus-Venus also yearns for emotional involvement. They feel at ease with comforting touches. A lot of caressing and touching will assure Taurus-Venus of an emotional security so that they are able to feel attraction towards you.


Don’t try to hold onto a Gemini-Venus, because the more you try to hold on to them or try to pull them closer, the more they will pull back. They are freedom loving individuals who hate staying without company. They are social and can’t bear to be left alone. But they also aren’t comfortable with clinginess because they are not very good with emotions. They are bubbly, cuddly, happy-go-lucky, interested conversationalists. Set the spark off with a Gemini-Venus with a good conversation and keep building the conversation in any and every direction. Let the communication run wild – that is their way of romancing.


Cancer-Venus is extremely self aware. They are emotional signs and they know to protect themselves from getting hurt because they are self aware. Cancer-Venus might just hurt you if they predict that you might hurt them or carry the potential to. But once and if they trust you, they are going to leave their hearts ajar right before you. They are going to let you in and furnish you with all the love and adoration you could never imagine you’d receive.

If you know for sure that you’re beyond being just attracted you are also going to be able to commit to Cancer then open up to them, show them that they can trust you by talking about creating a family, building a house for yourselves. They love to talk about family and loving.


Leo-Venus loves giving compliments as much as it loves receiving them. Loving a Leo-Venus or let’s say trying to attract one will require you to shower the Leo-Venus with loads of compliment, day in and day out. But make sure that you mean everything that you say, because they are going to figure out the difference between genuine admiration and pretence. So be careful not to turn them off by letting them believe that you’re a shallow and fake individual.

There is anyway a lot to love about the fiery and flashy star-like Leo. However the best part about loving a Leo-Venus is that you both are going to paying numerous compliments to each other. As much as they love being admired, they like to show admiration for the ones they consider valuable.


How to attract a Zodiac based on his Venus sign?

Virgo-Venus is extremely insecure so they will inevitably pick out the problem areas in a relationship and seem as though they are trying to push you away. But that is not the truth. They are simply insecure and are constantly afraid of being hurt and the relationship coming to an end. So they will constantly pick up on the issues that you are or might be likely to face in the near future in order to avoid the turmoil.

Virgo-Venus too like Cancer is pretty intuitive and they can foresee trouble way before it actually happens. So if you are truly attracted to them, then in order to make them feel secure you must not ignore the issues they bring up but instead address the issues together. Also don’t pull back. Hold on. They are only afraid to lose you because they don’t want to.


Libra-Venus is fond of creativity and art. So take them to an art gallery, to a Museum, invite them to your dance function. They are going to love being a part of what consists of you. They love attention and they are going to dole an equal amount of attention onto you if they are similarly attracted to you.

Just refrain from taking advantage of them. They are looking for a partner they can balance everything out with. They are not looking for either a superior or an inferior.


Scorpio-Venus is dominating. If you are attracted to one know that you have to let them have the say about everything in the relationship, if you can then they are going to remain a loyal partner. They are passionate lovers and wondrous in bed.

If you think you are amongst the submissive lot, then you can call the shots with Scorpio-Venus, because to be loved by them is a one of a kind experience.


Sagittarius-Venus is all about adventure and exploring the newer and bigger arenas of life. Go on an adventure with them. Help them explore. They are not the ones for you if what you’re looking for is someone to lay by your side in a hammock and go to sleep with. They are always on the go.

Help them explore. Talk to them about what’s new and exciting. Let them discover you a little bit everyday and they won’t be able to stop thinking about you.


Capricorn-Venus doesn’t want to waste time on something that is temporary. They are practical and want to go for something that is going to last them long (perhaps even a lifetime). They will invest only when they feel that what or who they are investing on will last them a lifetime.

Now because they are practical and are against short term flings doesn’t mean that they are any less romantic. They are extremely romantic and in fact quite as much as a Libra-Venus is but they’re not ready to spend their feelings on something that is transitory. They are business minded, so love to them is like a business. If you are attracted to them, and are willing to stick on then show them your commitment.


How to attract a Zodiac based on his Venus sign?

Tell Aquarius-Venus that you love their weird and unique ideas about life and everything else. They want to communicate. Make sure you have loads of things to banter about. Let the banters be as weird as it can get but make sure that it isn’t small talk but about the bigger things in life. For instances, the changes that are to be brought about in the world, how it would be to settle in Mars and what’s not wrong in loving two persons at the same time.

The way to an Aquarius-Venus’ heart is through his mind. Let them know that you appreciate them once you are attracted to them, because they are shy and will let you be, allowing you your space and more so if they feel that you aren’t interested in them. Allow Aquarius-Venus their space and watch them come back to you with love-struck eyes wanting to share the new discoveries that they’ve made in their head.


Pisces-Venus is extremely emotional and their ideas about love can run wild in the sense that it can almost become unrealistic. However, if you are attracted and want to be with one, you need to be careful not to let their imaginations run wild enough to never see the light of reality. Walk with them through their imaginative and creative fancies but also know when to stop, take them by the hand and walk them a different direction.

They need you. They’re going to love you to the moon and back. Literally! Of course if you know to travel with them through their minds. It is going to be a wonderful journey.

Wishing you a promising love affair with one of the Venus signs above!