Auto-corrects for a jealous friendship

Autocorrects for a jealous friendship

Life and its articulate designing are very interesting and can often take twists and turns taking us to directions that we didn’t wish for. You can surely identify with situations or times when you become jealous of your best friend. It can fill you up with guilt and remorse but the fact that it is in existence can be difficult to deal with. Even though you love her to the moon and back, it is still possible for jealousy to dwell in between your friendship. In such cases, you end up happy embracing and attempting to hide your jealous tears. Here are few autocorrects if you are the jealous friend.


Situation 1- Your friend has got a promotion and a pay hike

First and foremost, deal with it. Acknowledge your friend’s achievement. Often in such cases, people tend to undervalue their achievements so that they feel better. Instead, take part in her celebrations and appreciate her for the hard work she has put in. Perhaps, she can give you great work tips and that can help you grow in your workplace.

What you should never say– ‘Good to know you are heading a small team’

What you should say-‘You well deserve this advancement as you worked really hard’


Situation 2- You friend is dating ‘The Dream Guy’

Here again, deal with it. If your friend is with the ideal man and plans to get engaged then this might make you feel bad about your love life. But you need to understand that it is not her fault. Breaking her bubble with your mean comments isn’t a great way. You should give her sincere compliments and also try to get to know them as a couple so that you can get a picture as to why their relationship works.

What you should never say– ‘Cheers to your relationship but be careful as he seems too unreal to be believable’

What you should say- ‘Congratulations! I am delighted that you landed up with a great guy’


Situation 3- Your friend is in the best shape of her life and looks stunning   

Autocorrects for a jealous friendship                                                                                                         

If you are struggling with health problems then it can be hard to see someone achieve their fitness goals easily. If your friend is being complimented to have lost a lot of weight then you need to know that no weight loss journey is easy. Rather than putting your focus on the appreciations that she receives, concentrate on the changes and sacrifices she must have made to get into that body.

What you should not say- ‘You have lost your charm by losing so much weight and you look too thin now’

What you should say- ‘You look absolutely stunning but don’t overdo it, you look great anyways’


Situation 4- Your friend does better at any competition you enter together

In such situations, you will see that you look for silly reasons to justify your friend’s success. This simply means that you are unable to handle not winning against her. You will also find yourself making excuses for your average performance like you weren’t really interested or weren’t bothered. What you need to do is you don’t need to make this whole thing about yourself and just be a good sport.

What you should never say– ‘I never could have put in all those hours of training to win this’

What you should say- ‘You were the best and I am glad you won’

For the existence of a stable relationship between you and your best friend, it is highly important to make these autocorrects as jealousy can take away the spark between the two of you. You need to understand that making comparisons with your best friend and her achievements is not the right way to look at life. You have your own journey, your own skills and talents and your own struggles. Therefore, to rise above the situations of jealousy, you must change your perspective and outlook.



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