5 Ways to avoid letting your relationship distract you from your personal goals!

We love being in relationships. We love the feeling that engulfs us when we are in love. All we then think about is that person and he/ she forms the center of our attention. As much as that feeling is a part and parcel of the attachment that we have, it might also turn out to be the cause of all our distractions from our personal goals. Relationships need work if they have to be successful. No significant success can be achieved unless we put in some hard work and attention.

6 Reasons why it's okay to avoid a committed relationship!

This doesn’t mean that relationship are necessarily impediments on your path of goals but you need to keep in mind that your personal growth is equally important if you wish to derive true happiness and make the most of your life. Or else you might regret your decisions later when you make a huge sacrifice of your goals for the sake of your relationship. But fret not, for you can maintain a balance and have a great relationship along with seeking your desired goals. Here are a few ways in which you can do so:


Make a timetable


It is important that you can balance your schedule. This requires you to be very organised with your work and the time you choose to give your partner. Once you have your timeline in place, it is easier to follow it rather than doing things in a haphazard fashion. Once you chalk out a clear plan to achieve your goals, you will be in a better position to distribute the available time. Being methodical will reduce the tensions that come along with added responsibilities from time to time. Don’t procrastinate your work for the sake of the relationship and vice versa. A fine balance is what you need to be successful in your endeavours.


Set aside exclusive time for him


Your relationship deserves your time. As much as you would like to stick to your work schedule, you would also like give your partner some undivided attention. If you really wish to keep the relationship going, you will definitely do something to make time for it. If you are constantly making excuses then probably your relationship is not as important as your personal goals. Take the initiative and go ahead making some adventurous plans with him. You could also plan surprise dates to add some spark in case your relationship is already at a mature stage.


Encourage your partner with his goals


As much as you wish to prosper, you would also like to see your partner grow and achieve the best in his career. Encourage his with his work. If your partner has no goals, you will only end up getting frustrated for he will demand more of your time. Your partner needs to be busy as well. Or else, your relationship will turn out to be a major source of distraction. When both of you are busy chasing your dreams, you will have better things to talk about when you finally squeeze out time from your schedules. In fact having each other’s support while pursuing your goals will act as an added motivation.


Let them know your goals and challenges

 6 Reasons why it's okay to avoid a committed relationship!

You have to be very clear about your goals with your partner. Let them know how they can help you in case they are in a position to. Unless they know about the magnitude of the task you are involved in, it will be difficult for them to give you the kind of support you need. You can also ask them to give you the space the space need. Also, your partner needs to have utmost faith in what you do and trust you with the path of action that you choose. When things are clear, he will be in a better position to adapt to changes.

You may face challenges and get frustrated from time to time. These are trying times that will call for a stronger bonding between your partner and you. So, make sure you are heard and you are equally open to listening to your partner’s opinions as well.


Be consistent with your efforts


Nonetheless, you will have to be consistent with what you are attempting at. Your relationship may come up with its own set of challenges but no matter what your goals should be your primary focus if your relationship has not been able to meet your expectations yet. It is imperative that you analyse what deserves your attention and energy and in case your relationship proves to be a major hindrance, you could rethink about it.

Sometimes, you have to make difficult choices if you wish to achieve something big. You should be prepared to take the difficult route and let go of that which doesn’t serve your purpose.

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