Are you aware of your inner truth?

Are you aware of your inner truth?


The kind of relationship you share with others is a mirror image of the kind of relationship you have with yourself. Hence, the kind of relationships you attract in life is heavily dependent on your own perspective in life which is your reality.

When you learn to understand your desires and feelings, your internal realisation becomes much stronger and you are more capable of awakening your senses which show you the correct path or make your intuitions stronger. This is where you stand apart and gain more confidence in yourself.


Here are signs which tell you that you are far away from your inner self and are yet to realise it well:


You are too selfless:

Are you aware of your inner truth?

You look for joy in seeing others happy. You work out ways to do things for others. In doing so you belittle yourself. Of course, it can bring you a significant amount of satisfaction but you need to live for yourself too. If you selflessly give your all to all that’s around you, remember, even your energy will run out. Where do you seek the vitality then? Again, within yourself. So, value yourself and learn to take satisfaction in your own company and do things to keep yourself happy and satiated.


You are judgemental:


When you bad mouth people, either on their face or behind them; you are actually facing an ugly truth about yourself. So, work on what you actually say since that’s exactly what you need to improve about yourself. You are yet to accept yourself. Judging others means you only see your side of the coin and fail to understand that your version of the truth might be entirely different than someone else’s.


You seek peoples’ acceptance:

Are you aware of your inner truth?


You still don’t accept yourself the way you are. You still aren’t comfortable in your own skin. You constantly need people to tell you how good you are or how pretty you are or seek their acceptance of your traits. You see their compliments as a parameter to assess your capabilities. You have a vacuum that needs an external filling. You don’t consider yourself complete enough.


You do things not by choice:


You do things that do not enrich you. You get involved in work and life in ways that only add to the already prevailing toxicity. In the process, you get depressed and frustrated. If you find yourself repeatedly coming back to where you started, you need to level up your game.


People control your life much more than you do:

 Are you aware of your inner truth?

People advise us on almost everything. We want them or not but free advices come from all channels. You can be open to these but refrain from letting them settle in your head or heart. Speak to yourself and find out if what you receive is what is really needed. If it helps you achieve your aspirations, then it’s alright. It’s your life. You are supposed to live it. Nobody else ever will. So be careful of what you let yourself get affected by.


You need not go elsewhere. Everything resides within yourself. Understand the power of your soul. You already know the answers of what you are looking for. Have faith in your own strengths. You will see miracles follow.


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