Awkward Dating Situations That Every Millennial Can Relate To!

Dating looked very different 50 years back. It was harder than it is today, believe it or not. Imagine, the only way for you to ever meet someone was to physically chance upon them. Thank God for the internet, right? But internet dating comes with its own troubles. Troubles that people who used to date 50 years ago will not understand. The millennial generation seems to have it all served to them on a silver platter. What the previous generations don’t understand is that we face situations that none of them have ever encountered before. Same is true for the things we encounter in our dating lives. However, what every millennial need to know is that they are not alone in these situations. Every one of us out there is going through the same trials day-in and day-out. Thus, here’s a feel-good blog about Awkward Dating Situations That Every Millennial Can Relate To.

awkward dating situations millenials

The Crazy World of Online Dating

You would assume that dating has been made easy with platforms like Tinder, TrulyMadly and such. Well, you know what an illusion that is if you have been on these apps. It’s true that they do provide for an easy way to meet new people. you have better connectivity and get the opportunity to never see this person ever again if you so wish. Yet, this comes with issues of its own. For starters, you have to actually get on an app, which means downloading it and creating a profile. Then you have to work on getting the best photos of yourself because the competition is much wider now.

Above all else, you are never really sure if the person on the opposite end is who they claim to be. Security is a major issue with online dating. Even though technology has evolved, our society and its prejudices against women haven’t. Millennial females have the added worry of being found by someone they know. What’s wrong with being identified by someone who also uses this app? You wouldn’t be asking that if you knew this society that holds a grudge against dating or anything that has something to do with finding love on your own. Arranged marriages are still the hailed mode of getting married here, remember?

Online Stalking

Just like Hannah Baker puts it on 13 Reasons Why “We’re always watching someone. Following someone. And being followed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram they’ve made us a society of stalkers. And we love it.” Believe it or not, that’s what we are: Stalkers, all of us. We love flaunting what we are doing and crave approval from those around us. This causes problems for dating when you don’t want others to invade your privacy. You are probably trying to avoid someone, but they can see your last online.

Even if you block a date gone wrong, they can always ask someone else to check what you are up to. Your crazily possessive boyfriend can keep tabs on when you are online. If you don’t send them a text, then that is a basis for another fight altogether. Now more than ever, it is easier to know every second of one’s every day, thanks to social media. Every millennial can relate to you an awkward situation where they stalked or were stalked by their date or a psycho lover.

The Elusive World of Texts

 texting and dating

 Even if you are not a millennial, but are dating in the millennial age, you have definitely come across a text interpretation gone wrong. Texting is the most amazing thing to happen to relationships and the world in general. But when you want to convey emotions, it is not always the right platform to use. More often than not, people interpret texts the wrong way.

Most of the times, you wouldn’t even understand what the other person is trying to say. Needless to say, there is a special place in hell for people whose texts are heavily populated by abbreviations. If I have to spend 20 minutes decoding your message, I would much rather stay single and die a spinster. Almost every millennial can relate an awkward situation to you when they either received or sent an elusive text to their date and regretted it for the rest of their relationship.

Are We Seeing Other People?

The unlimited scope of online dating makes you privy to all the fish in the ocean. So, gone are the days when if you have found someone nice, you focussed on just them. Almost everyone these days likes to keep all their options open. After all, you don’t want to miss on your soulmate, just because you settled for someone else. This leads to that awkward dating situation where you are not sure where the other person stands on this issue. Not all millennials are comfortable seeing multiple people at the same time either.

So, you need to engage in the dreaded and awkward conversation to know what the standard procedure is going to be. If you happen to be a millennial who still believes in a love life inspired by old times, this will be the most heart-breaking thing to happen in your dating life. Thus, it is always better to get this topic out of the way, when you think you are getting serious for someone and vice versa.

Dating Can Turn into a Horror Story

If you are not one to stay up-to-date with the internet lingo, allow me to introduce the term ‘Ghosting’ to you. in the good old days, when you met someone, you had common connections. Friends or family, who know both of you and ensured accountability. Welcome to a world where you don’t need to have contacts to meet prospective dates. While this has its own virtues, there is also a flipside. This brings us to ghosting. Ghosting is when your date suddenly disappears.

You can’t find them on social media for they have suddenly unfollowed/unfriended and blocked you. Your date is not picking up your calls or responding to your texts. The result is that you are left wondering where you went wrong or what happened to them? Imagine genuinely caring about someone and then figuring that something bad had happened to them because of which you can’t reach them. One of the worst things that can happen to you in the millennial age of dating is being ghosted. I’m sure you can now imagine why.

When Love Doesn’t Have to End in Marriage

 dating and marriage

 This last bit doesn’t have much to do with technological advancements as it has to do with the generation gap. Assuming that your parents are comfortable with you having a dating life. If you have found someone you love, who your parents like as well, everyone expects you to them get married. Love and marriage no longer are interdependent in the age of millennials. More and more millennials are choosing to not get married. We are trying to stay away from unnecessary labels as much as possible. This becomes a bone of contention between you and your parents.

Going solo is the in thing these days. Even if you find a partner, live-in relationships are a much more preferred mode of living than marriages. This gives rise to the awkward situation where you have to have this conversation with your parents. If you or your parents are someone who cares about “log kya kahenge?” then that is an added hurdle to your dating life.


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