Why It’s A Bad Idea To Fall In Love With Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign

There he goes! Making you skip a heartbeat every time he does that thing that has made you crazy for him. While you might not be one for love, at first sight, something about a man always catches the eye. Something they do or say which makes you fall in love (or lust) with them. A lot of what attracts us to a man has to do with their zodiac signs. While in the beginning, it might seem like you went for the looks or whatever, there is always an underlying quality that makes the apple of your eye stand out. But don’t be so fast to make that the deciding factor when thinking about commitment. You never know when his charming trait might become a gag for you. Here’s a blog to help you identify Why It’s A Bad Idea To Fall In Love With Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign.

Why It's A Bad Idea To Fall In Love With Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign


(March 21st – April 19th)


The first knight in shining armor, who became the epitome of all romantic notions, was definitely an Aries man. Anyone who has been in love with a man of this zodiac knows that they have all that is needed in the perfect man. In the beginning at least. He’s a prominent figure in his group of friends. Has strong opinions about things and high standards to upload. He’ll always be there when you need his help. And will always keep his armor ready for when he needs to fight a battle for you. These are the men who will climb to your window at 2:00 a.m. just to profess their love. I know all this sounds perfect, but it comes with an expiration period. Not that he’ll stop doing it, but soon you’ll realize that he is way too possessive for your liking. When the baby inside the Aries sets in, you realize how everything they do has an attention-seeking undertone. After a while, it’s you who has to fulfill their ego booster needs.




(April 20th – May 20th)


If you are not the kind of woman who lives in a dream world, Taurus is the perfect partner for you. not only are hey loving and caring but realistically they are very sound in matters of importance in leading a good life. He’ll save and invest money right. Take care of all the family related matters. The men of this zodiac are the perfect life partners, provided you are ready to put up with their eccentric understanding of loyalty. Taurean men often confuse loyalty with being ownership. Not their loyalty, but theirs towards you. so, every time you are around another man, they’ll go all out drawing lines around you marking their territory. They have a twisted way of expressing their love when they feel threatened by another masculine presence.




(May 21st – June 20th)


It’s like the perfect High School rom-com moment, being in love with a Gemini man. The most popular guy in the social circle is focusing all his attention on you. Naturally, you have risen as the most popular female in the circle. The men of this zodiac don’t just contribute to elevating your social status, but your romantic life as well. He knows the right thing to be said in every situation. He can make a bad day turn into a great one. He knows how to make you feel special. The only problem is that you aren’t the only belle in the ball. A Gemini can make anyone feel this way. There goes your shot at having something unique with him.




(June 21st – July 22nd)


He’s the gentlemen we all need in our life. The most defining feature of a Cancerian man is his ability to express and understand emotions. The men of this zodiac don’t shy away from displaying their love for you. they will always be looking for ways to make it a special occasion for your relationship. This is the man who will remember all your anniversaries even when you forget. All these overflowing emotions can become way too much to take sometimes. Especially when he wants you two to spend every waking moment together. He wants to be joined at the hip and you lose your individuality and independence with him.




(July 23rd – August 22nd)

Why It's A Bad Idea To Fall In Love With Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Here’s a man you can take everywhere and flaunt at your achievement. He’s got the attitude of a celebrity. The men of this zodiac are so confident that they are almost like royalty. When you go out with him, he’ll be the perfect example of what a gentleman is. Make all your girlfriends jealous. He seems almost like a god. Until you realize he believes he is a god. It’s the pride that a Leo has in himself that can turn your feelings around. He likes being the center of attention and might even push you out of the spotlight. Unless you are a pushover, you cannot deal with this man’s vanity.




(August 23rd – September 22nd)


One of the most loved sequences in Bollywood romance is when the actress helps her forlorn love interest look at the world from a different perspective. How she changes his life by adding the love and energy he needs. If you are looking for that guiding angel kind of an experience in your love life, go out and find a Virgo man.The men of this zodiac can’t help being lost in life. Their criticism of himself leaves them with low self-esteem, negativity and a lot to worry about at times. It is then that you’ll be useful in helping boost his morale and cheering him up. He’ll even be thankful for it and for you being in his life. But in the end, it will become too much for you to take. He’ll never change. This is the way the stars have made him. He cannot stop worrying as it is actually healthy for him. But can you live with this kind of negativity in your life?




(September 23rd – October 22nd)


The Libran man is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Everyone will tell you how lucky you are to have him in your life. I’m not going to refute that either. They believe in making those around you happy and are not the kind of men who love confrontation or violence. They will compromise for you even when you are wrong. If you are someone who likes to be in control all the time, this is the man for you. However, if you are in for strong people who stand for what is right, this is not the zodiac for you. Their excessively nice demeanor will leave you begging for them to take some strong stands and be in control at least sometimes.




(October 23rd – November 21st)


One of the most popular romantic series of our time is The Twilight Saga. Edward Cullen was the wet dream of millions of teenagers around the world. What made him so special? The mystery that surrounded him. I’m not saying that Scorpions are vampires, but with all the mystery that surrounds them, they might as well be one. We would never be able to tell. So, when this gothic, dark fantasy character walks into your life, you know you are in for a fiction of your own. Like every other fiction, this story loses its appeal when it meets reality. What seems attractive in the beginning, becomes irritating as you realize you know nothing about this man. You are in a relationship with a total stranger who runs away at the first opportunity to open up.




(November 22nd – December 21st)

Why It's A Bad Idea To Fall In Love With Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Sagittarian men are the most optimistic, fun-loving, open-minded, free-spirited people you’ll ever meet. They are so free of bias that it’s truly refreshing to be with someone who accepts you for who they are. Not just that, they are also always moving on from one adventure to the next. The trouble with them is their spontaneity. This zodiac needs to keep flowing like the river, never stopping at any bank. It will be really hard to keep them interested in one thing for long. If you can’t catch up with them, you’ll be left far behind. That is when it gets lonely even if he tries to make it up to you.




(December 22nd – January 19th)


Jean Grey tells Wolverine in one of the X-Men movies that “Girls only flirt with the bad boys. But they take the good guys home”. I would like to believe that all women think that way, and had Wolverine been a Capricorn, he would’ve scored. The men of this zodiac are the ones that your parents will happily marry you too. These men are going somewhere with their lives. They have a great career with tremendous prospects. Will be the perfect family man, and know how to live a secure and successful life. Maybe too secure perhaps. All this is really good for the long run but some of us like to have a wild side sometimes. Capricorns are too serious for that kind of a thing. They know only one way of living and you’ve got to fit with that.




(January 20th – February 18th)


You look at the world with all its one-dimensional characters and in comes the out-of-place Aquarian. He comes in with rainbows all around him and never have you seen someone who owns being different. Isn’t that what we all want to do? Stand out. Your journey through life with him will be one filled with bewildering experiences. But there is only so much that you can take on this journey to Neverland. After a while, you want to go back home. But if you do, you probably will never see him again for Peter Pan belongs in Neverland. The choice is then yours. Put up with the eccentric genius for the rest of your life. Or go back home and grow up to have a normal life. You sure will always think of him for the rest of your life.




(February 19th – March 20th)


The wise Pisceans live in an imaginary utopia. You love them for their maturity and imagination. They know how to express their feelings and can make you share yours too. The men of this zodiac are right for you because they have a balance in their personality. Or so it seems. Ever so often, Piscean men are unable to separate reality from fiction. They often project the ideas from their dreamworld in the real life and that is great. But expectations from their dreamland follow too and not all of us can deal with those. You need someone who can put food on the table and pay the bills. If that isn’t a part of your Piscean’s utopia, he wouldn’t care to compensate with the real world.

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