Be Stylish by Knowing About 2019 Fall Fashion Trends

Being fashionable can be a lot of fun if you’re picking out outfits for the fall season. Find flattering trends that aren’t in typical shades of brown. Look out for trendy pieces when autumn breezes start blowing in.


Renaissance Fair Extraordinaire

Keep the Renaissance alive by revisiting beautiful fashion that’s on trend for fall. Be the princess you were meant to be by wearing puff sleeves, taffeta and square necklines. Bring your favorite love story to life for a day where you’re the main character. For a truly dazzling effect, try attending a ballroom event in a pretty dress and an appropriate hairstyle to match. It’s okay to bring the past into the present if you have style, grace and the right fashion knowledge to put the whole outfit together. Based off of the current trends available, your Renaissance-inspired outfit can be authentic without sacrificing good taste.

The Sophisticated Cape

Capes weren’t only created for superheroes as evidenced by what models are displaying on the fall 2019 runway. In fact, these fashion pieces can lend a sophisticated air to nearly any look. Make heads turn by wearing one with bold patterns or head to work in a shade of brown. Look beautiful by allowing your cape to flow as you walk down the street amongst trees with orange and red leaves. You may even feel more confident because wearing one can make you feel powerful. Pair a cape with the right outfit, and you have a look for any occasion.


Perfect Purple Hues

Purple is the color for creatives and wearing it usually isn’t any different. You can put on an outfit in all purple tones or wear a little bit of lavender. Include everything and anything from glittery orchid dresses to soft lavender gowns with flower print emblazoned on the front. Use your imagination to mix and match pieces that make people wonder about the mystery beneath all that purple. Let purple inspire you to be the artist you were meant to be or spark some positive ideas for work or play. Exude a bold attitude with darker hues or express a shy demeanor with lighter shades of this color. You can find a Louis Vuitton silk sleeveless top in a dark purple hue by visiting The RealReal.


Tiny Bags

Tiny bags have been making a big fashion statement ever since they hit the runway. When worn with the right outfit, these pieces are classy, fun to use and charming. They prove that a super small bag can make a big impact on the fashion world. Besides this, you can find a bag that’s affordable and unique. Although, sometimes better quality sometimes comes with a higher price tag depending on what you’re looking for. No matter what tiny bags fit in with high fashion trends or just head out the door to do errands carrying one. The RealReal has various Louis Vuitton bags in many styles for those who absolutely love the greatest fashion designers.

Make the fall season more exciting by wearing trends that help you be unique. Stay informed on the latest fashions to put together the wardrobe you truly desire to have. You can remember that the best outfits for you help you stay positive and be yourself.