Become a passionate writer: Here’s how!

Become a passionate writer: Here's how!

Writing has never been easy. Ask efficient writers how they produce bestsellers and their answer will be “Practice and passion.” There are those who have made writing their career and there are those who practice it for fun. Then there are those who can write a great deal but aren’t really passionate about it and those who want to generate world-class content but don’t know how to go about it. In order to excel in  different activities, one has to follow different principles. So is the case with writing. You cannot develop an article worth reading overnight. Consistency is the key. Patience is the key. Determination is the key.

  • Let your mind be free

The first step to become a meaningful writer is to be a wanderer. You have to let all the creative ideas flow into your mind. For profound writing, there’s no limit. You cannot limit your mind to think only those thoughts pertaining to the article you want to write. Writing is a creative process. You have to give freedom to your mind in order to collect creative ideas.

  • Be an avid reader

Read as much as you can. When you are a hungry reader, writing comes naturally. The basic step to writing is reading. Reading makes you know how to write. Classic books will teach you how to write durable content. Contemporary books will teach you how to write attractive content. Bad books will tell you what to avoid. Good books will tell you what to include. Every book has something to teach. It will help you tap the writer’s mind and their perception. And even after you’ve entered the field of writing, you must continue reading.

  • No book is perfect

I want to write like Shakespeare.” If your wish closely resembles this line, you will never achieve your target. Instead, set goals like “I will capture as many hearts as Shakespeare did through my writing.” That can be a possibility. Nobody is perfect and nobody has ever written a perfect book. Every writer has a different style and every reader has a different taste. So set realistic goals. Write to enlighten. To entertain. Not to reach perfection.

  • Practice

As the old saying goes , “Practice makes a man perfect.” This holds true for writing too. Writing needs practice. If you keep procrastinating your work, you are taking yourselves away from efficient writing. The more you practice, the more expert you become. Take breaks, read and write. Write even though you think you are the worst writer in the world. Stay focused and strive to achieve.

  • Be passionate

If it isn’t your mood to write; don’t. If writing makes you yawn, you’re not fit to become a writer. You can become a meaningful writer only when you direct and dedicate all your energy to your pen orkeyboard. Writers should be passionate about their work. Half-hearted efforts mirrors your work. Set achievable deadlines but enjoy the process.

  • Develop a niche

Finally, you can not achieve fame in every field. In the game of cricket, there are professional bowlers and batsman. Yes, there are all-rounders but they too, have limits. Likewise, you cannot write sci-fi, horror, mystery and adventure, all at the same time. If you chase everything, you will end up with nothing. Pick your niche wisely, master it and then turn to the next. Remember, a bird in hand is worth two in bush.



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