Best art galleries in India


India is a country of diverse religions, faiths, beliefs and values. It is surprising to see a variety of people inhabiting together in one land. Along with this, every culture has a unique art form. Jewellery, dance, songs, costumes etc. differ from culture to culture. And such cultures are reflected in arts, especially the contemporary form. This exciting and unique art has made India special and a major attraction for tourists. Thanks to art galleries and artists for preserving the Indian culture through its arts. Indian artists have bend the ways and merged ancient and contemporary arts making it look all the more exciting. There are a number of art galleries India that have become a major source of attraction. Some of the most famous art galleries in this hubbub country are as follows –

  • Volte gallery – Described as one of the best galleries in India, Volte is located in Mumbai and owned by Tushar Jlwarajka and is a generation of new and unique ideas. Tushar hopes to bring in people who would normally be intimidated to enter an art space. Volte is the newest gallery on the contemporary art scene. Jiwarajka brings a wealth of international experience to proceedings as well as a taste for the bizarre, surreal and otherwise obscure, which has given Volte its unique identity.
  • Guild art gallery – the guild art gallery was founded in 1997. The gallery brings up innovative art form from the Indian subcontinent. Some of the recent exhibitions at The Guild Art Gallery have included Rakhi Peswani’s ‘Anatomy’, Kaiwan Mehta’s ‘The Street, and the Studio…’and Baiju Parthan and Prayas Abhinav’s ‘Variable Operatives’. The gallery has expanded to include international artists. The Guild has has published over 50 catalogues and 7 major volumes on artists.
  • Chatterjee & Lal – Founded by a team of husband and wife in 2003.  Chatterjee & Lal was one of the first art galleries in India to feature a performance arts installation. This art gallery in Mumbai has put forward innovative art works and features a number of art installation performances including the streets on Mumbai.
  • Delhi art gallery – One of India’s treasured art gallery, the Delhi art gallery is a favourite of most people. It portrays 20th century art of India as well as foreign countries. It also has a roster of paintings and exhibitions.
  • Genesis art gallery – this art gallery was established in 1985. Located in the prestigious land of Kolkata, this art gallery has become one the most recognised and reliable art galleries over a period of more than two decades. It promotes the work of existing artists and encourages them to display their talents in a variety of art forms. Genesis art gallery is now in the process of reinventing itself.
  • Mahua art gallery – Mahua art gallery is located in Bangalore. Art lovers get an opportunity to purchase one the most recognised and reliable art galleries over a period of more than two decades. Delivery services is also offered all over India. Art work include Paintings, Sculptures, Prints, Folk art, Photography and services include Art Consultancy, Art Exhibitions, Art Rental, Art Commissioning, Art Framing, Art Restoration, Art Learning. The gallery has a unique display system that offers great viewing.


Painting from Malina Malani from Volte Gallery