Best Training Courses for Microsoft MD-101 Exam and Why Exam Dumps Are Helpful When Preparing


Training individuals for their roles later in the workplace can never be overemphasized. With better training, you will ensure better processes and quality work. In fact, quality training is an indispensable strategy to make yourself competitive in the job market. That’s why learning about the top-ranked training courses for the Microsoft exam MD-101 is crucial. This post brings you the details of such prep courses so that you can get equipped with the necessary knowledge to pass Microsoft MD-101 Practice Test . But the best approach to do this is to have you know the key exam properties first. This is what we discuss next.

More about Exam MD-101

This assessment prepares you to manage modern desktops. That’s why the associated credential is called the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate. The whole process of acquiring this badge includes doing well in two tests, MD-100 as well as MD-101. This implies that an applicant must pass both the exams before they can receive the credential. But there is an exception to this rule. Candidates who had passed 70-698 exam before Microsoft retired it in 2019 will go straight to Microsoft MD-101 Real Questions without sitting for MD-100.

Those who intend to be successful in the ‘Managing Modern Desktops’ exam need to be aware of the areas to study. This includes topics like deploying and updating operating systems, managing profiles and policies, management and protection of devices, and app and data management. Grasping these domains well is significant to your good performance in MD-101.

The number of questions to be carried by this test is not specific, but it is known to range from 40 to 60 that you must do in 150 minutes. And since they all are of different types, preparing with this information in mind is going to be helpful. You need to know how case studies, active screen, short answer, multiple choice, best answer, and build list questions are like since these are some of the probable formats to appear. You also must be aware of the passing score, which is 700 marks, and paying $165 is an exam fee.

With these assessment details in mind, we can now proceed to cover MD-101 training courses. Peruse the list and weigh the options before settling on the best course for your training.


Best Training Courses for Microsoft MD-101

The following list includes free and paid training courses meant to cover the intent of the Microsoft exam MD-101. To maximize their availability, you might benefit from combining at least two of them. This is born out of the fact that one course may not cover the subject matter of the test in its entirety.

Also, another thing you need to note is how trainers may use different approaches to drive the point home. Overall, what matters is that all of these courses are effective and promise to give you the required support. So, here they go:

  • Microsoft free online training

The free exam MD-101 training course has three learning paths, where each has a definite number of modules. The content is presented in the form of short videos, making it easy for you to grasp it. In case there is something you do not understand, you can always play the videos again until you get it right.

  • Microsoft instructor-led training course

This is a paid course presented to you through Microsoft’s certified instructors. The course is focused on planning and implementing a strategy for an operating system using modern methods of deployment. Other areas to study include implementing an update strategy and the key components of the latest management as well as co-management methods. This training will last for 5 days and consists of 9 modules with labs to be covered.

  • com exam MD-101 video training course

This is also another best course you can use to grasp the content of your upcoming test. The MD-101 video course has 67 video lectures that exhaustively cover the exam topics. This video tutorial comes in the MD-101 Premium Bundle that also includes an updated & expert-validated exam dump with 135 questions and answers, and a study guide available in 494 pages. You can access this package at a cost of $39.97. So, as you learn through the video tutorial, ensure that you also take advantage of the past questions and answers as well as the study guide.

  • com from LinkedIn video course

This video course includes 6 hours of expert-designed video tutorials that adequately prepare candidates for their enterprise desktop administrator role. It is also helpful in preparing you to pass the Managing Modern Desktop exam.

  • YouTube video tutorials is a great place to find free video tutorials presented by qualified IT trainers and technical writers. Some of them take you through a summary of the exam topics, while others target to cover the details of these topics. At the end of the learning period, you will have covered the required concepts. If you need a flexible & free of charge way to learn, then video courses are the best.


Why Intensify Your Training via Exam Dumps?

These training courses that we described above are some of the leading prep options for MD-101. So, as you train ensure that you also take your exam practice to another level by utilizing sites such as for the best experience with reliable exam dumps. You already know about their Premium Bundle with the video tutorial, the braindump, and the study guide for MD-101. However, this platform as well avails free MD-101 vce files that can equip you with the necessary knowledge for your test. You can easily take the MD-101 exam dump questions using the VCE Exam Simulator that also permits you to edit or create your own assessments and mimic the atmosphere of the real one.



These best Microsoft MD-101 exam training courses provide learners with a chance to achieve their certification dreams. These courses prepare you for your desktop administrator job through the test topics and ensure that you’ll receive your Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge. And to get better at what you are studying, take your course as you practice for the test with actual exam dumps provided by When your desire to achieve a specific goal is strong enough, you will do all it takes to get there. Wishing you all the best as you work towards your certification goal!

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