Best ways to breakup with someone in 5 different situations

So you must be very unhappy with this person and you want to breakup with him. Instead of making the situation quite bad for both of you mutually, it’s better to sort the matter or move on in an amicable way. Here are the best ways to breakup with someone you have been with without hurting them regardless of the situation that is causing the breakup. It is quite humane for you to be respectful of the person who meant the world to you at some point in your life.

Best ways to breakup with someone in 5 different situations

Here are a few possible situations and the way in which you could deal with them:


You have been cheated on:


This is a pretty hard situation to accept emotionally but probably the best and the easiest way to break up is in this situation. It will be more easier to break up without you having to explain a lot or expecting to be understood. However, if you are married to this person, it might be a lot more tough for you to give up.


Just let them know that being cheated on is unacceptable no matter what excuse they come up with. Just be clear about what you have to say holding on to your integrity and leave.


You are the one who is cheating:

Best ways to breakup with someone in 5 different situations

Personally, most of you will find it absolutely wrong to double time. If you cheat, make sure you get out of the situation without keeping the person you are cheating on under the impression that you should be trusted. Accept that you are wrong and move ahead with the one who you are more comfortable with. Just like you wouldn’t like to be cheated on, don’t expect someone else to be fine with it.


Just be upfront about the fact that the relationship doesn’t fulfil you and you need to with someone who you feel is right for you. It’s better not to drag things in this situation because it might turn out to be quite tricky especially if the person is very needy and is demanding for a chance again. If you are accused, accept it instead of arguing because let’s face it, there is no excuse for cheating.


You have just fallen out of love with no reason whatsoever:


This is a very common thing these days where you cannot really explain what’s wrong but you just can’t accept to be in the relationship anymore. This actually happens! Just be as honest as possible. Let them know that you no longer care about them. If the other person is really into you, he will accept your part of the story and let you go because all that a true lover wants is the best for the other person.


This will be very hard to go about with. But if you have to, you have to. They deserve this fairness from your side. Atleast it’s better they know the truth rather than being cheated on.


Your future goals don’t align:

Best ways to breakup with someone in 5 different situations

You might have completely different goals than this person. You might just want to work in a place which might not let you stay together. Or you might just decide not to have kids in the future which is completely the opposite of what he wants. If that is the case, communicate it to him and move apart. It is the best to be with someone who can understand what you want and your goals are almost the same, if not totally. It is not quite right to compromise with something that deals with your career or even the way you are. This is usually not long lasting or healthy.


The best way to get out with the situation is to have very concrete reasons, if possible get all your facts right to substantiate what you stand by.


Their level of maturity doesn’t match yours:


This is very important for an emotionally fulfilling relationship. This in fact is a very dominant reason why relationships fall apart. You might be attracted to them physically and sex might be great but after that you are completely different people without nothing to share or talk about. Let them know that this doesn’t work for you and you want something that completes you and not leave you feeling lonely. Tell them that you want more out of the time invested and since they are not either willingly or unwilling to cater to your feelings, they don’t deserve to have you in their life.


Breaking up with someone is never easy no matter how right you might be. However, some people are just not meant to stay with you. If breaking up keeps you sane or is mutually the best thing to do, go ahead with it. You deserve to be happy.