Better to avoid serious relationships in your 20s?


Most of us want to get settled and feel secure. But do you really want to get settled in your early twenties or get involve in some serious dating? Don’t you think that the twenties is the ideal time to discover, explore places and yourself? Try to know yourself first, then you settle for a relation. In this article, we will give you some tip why you need to avoid serious relationships below twenty!

Due to distractions

In your twenty is also the time where you want to enjoy life. You want to meet different people. You want to party and have fun with your friends rather than answering your partner’s complaints.

Focus on a career

Better to avoid serious relationships in your 20s?

Being in your 20s is the appropriate time to focus on a career. Do what you like. Strive hard in life and enjoy it as well. Go for higher studies, and improve your curriculum vitea rather than settling down.

Heartbreak period

Your twenty is also the heartbreak time. Because it’s more difficult to bear betrayals or broken relations while struggling with life. Therefore do not jump into any serious relations, rather take your time. Know yourself and search for the one you really need. Instead of dating, many different people wait for the real one.

Not economically secure

Yes! You may have a job in your twenties! But what is the security that in ten years you will still be employed? Therefore till you are not financially secure do not get involve in a serious relation.

Time for adventures

Better to avoid serious relationships in your 20s?Better to avoid serious relationships in your 20s?

At this age it’s the fun time. So, be adventurous. Travel the world. Explore corners of the world rather than sitting at home. Pack your bags and leave. Because this age will never come back in life so take benefit of it. Make a plan of the places you want to visit because once you have a family and responsibility priorities will change.

You are still immature

Many people may think that they are under thirties and are mature. But it is not the case. The more you grow the more efficient and reliable your decisions will be. The society will have more confidence on you as you age.

Time to discover your sexuality

It is also the time where you can get wild and be adventurous. Take advantage of those ages because once you grow old, priorities will change.


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