Beyond Good Food, Good Life: Women Empowerment Initiative By Nestle!

When we speak of empowering women, we are essentially hinting towards a neat and clean society where women’s rights, education and equality are given due attention, respect and importance. Today women empowerment has become a kind of a challenge, or to be more precise an important aim so much so that the entire concept of a gender biased attitude hints towards complementing one another in order to lead to more appropriate decisions.

Beyond Good Food And Good Life: Women Empowerment Initiative By Nestle!
Image Source: Nestle India

NESTLE, one of the most renowned food company famous for beverages, confectionery, chocolate, frozen food, baked products, yogurt, has come up with an initiative which helps in strengthening women’s involvement and subscription to the value chain in a reasonable way which helps in allowing women’s empowering notions to reach its peak. Thus, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by women, NESTLE has a venture to sweep off some of the obstacles women face such as restricted economic resources, poor literacy rate and approach to installment buying and lending. The company today has developed special dynamism that helps in advancing both the training and professional growth of women to a great extent. It’s indeed worth appreciating that NESTLE, works in harmony with almost 7,50,000 women to generate industrial and other specialized skills. The company aims to increase education, training and opportunity to encourage the professional development of women not only in the market place but at the same time in the community as well. In the year 2013, NESTLE signed up to Women’s empowerment principles in order to advance gender equality and empower women to get involved thoroughly in the three important areas of interest- professional calling, marketplace and group.




“Gender equality and women’s empowerment are very important” says NESTLE’S Chief Chief Executive Officer Paul Bulcke.” We address this because it makes business-sense and we are determined to strengthen our business related activities and programs to promote gender equality, capacity building and education for women and girls.This actually shows that the initiative undertaken by NESTLE, is not only inclined towards one particular goal, but rather the overall beneficiaries to be enjoyed by the entire women folk. The company had kept its words, and therefore today we can proudly witness around 60,000 women bestowed with both foundational business as well as enterprising skills for the complete growth of the economic activity. Moreover, in the countryside locality, NESTLE, has empowered more than around 1,30,000 women with technical help and highest quality implementations in dairy farming and refined nourishment by allocating cocoa and coffee farmers with high-yield and pestilence defiance plantlets. “The NESTLE ACTION PLAN ON WOMEN IN THE COCOA CHAIN SUPPLY” is the company’s elemental and vital commodity specified vision to reinforce support for women in the stock collection for a smooth flow of supply. It was introduced last year to emphasize on gender concern, enlarge the quota of women farmers, and promote husbandry and cultivation practices.



Beyond Good Food And Good Life: Women Empowerment Initiative By Nestle!
Image Source: Nestle India

NESTLE, had collaborated with the VIETNAMESE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT, in order to train the coffee farmers especially women from the year 2012-2013, to engage themselves in the work field so that all the women involved into the task can come out successful with their own individual identity and in return make a well satisfied living not only for themselves but also towards other family members as well. During this training period women are taught the basic skills of plantation which will not only enable them to prosper in the sustainable mode of living but also involve into the group task for better outcomes of results. Interestingly, the training attempt was immensely successful and NESTLE took an aim at employing 20,000 Vietnamese coffee households in the year 2016. With progressin financial evolution, today women out there have been able to renovate the roof of their dwelling place, fetch in fresh drinkable water and fix a modern electrically powered structure to bring water to the farm. Undoubtedly, the entire credit goes to NESTLE for had the company not managed the training procedures, the women wouldn’t have been able to see a bright new day and empower a well enriched life with all their rights.





Beyond Good Food And Good Life: Women Empowerment Initiative By Nestle!
Image Source: Nestle India

Instead of fixating on artificial subdivision, NESTLE decided to emphasize on the key issues in order to inspire a gender biased outlook so that women can derive the minimum amount of beneficiaries of which they have been sidelined before. The principles undertaken are as follows: –


.  To install start up plans and measures by incorporating favorable reasons to promote gender fairness without interference from any other leadership authorities.


. To consider and view all women with respect and supporting assistance at times of emergency in order to look after all their basic rights and non- prejudices.


.   To make sure that women’s state of health, welfare, security and well- being are not ignored but given due attention as the first priority.


.  To nurture enlightenment, education, guidance, training and professional success for women folk.


.   To implement business progress and evolution by means of various contributions and marketing operations that empower women.


.   Publicize and at the same time encourage opportunities through community resourcefulness and promotion.


.  Lastly, to determine, survey, judge and publicly report to accomplish emancipation of women for empowering their rights and efforts.


NESTLE, assures that if they can help women promote additional income from their jobs there is more possibility that the earnings will be spent well on the family, as a result of which the mothers wont be further facing the problems of sending their children to schools. The company is working hard to convince cooperatives to enroll both wives as well as husbands. However, the primary importance has been given to women so that they are prominently visible from all the aspects, and in return given a power to raise their voices to execute their plans by making the whole deed quiet challenging to present them with various acts of assistance.NESTLE, is promoting such improvements instantly and without much delay because empowering women in their communities, in their families is essentially a significant responsibility in today’s time.





Beyond Good Food And Good Life: Women Empowerment Initiative By Nestle!
Image Source: Nestle India

NESTLE’S initiative to empower women in the cocoa supply chain began in the year 2013, and in the process they are also trying to engage the noble cause and effort with other associative partners for more positive results. The cocoa cooperatives have lent a helping hand to NESTLE, so that more empowering roles such as lead agriculturalists and nursery superintendent which was previously under men’s control shifts towards women. Moreover, the cooperatives have now also created their unique operational measures for upgrading the situations of women in the cocoa chain supply. Summoning the insight of women’s responsibility in the cocoa supply chain is a significant aspect to the existing action of NESTLE and its co-partner.


. The recent initiatives are presented on an advanced detailed outline where NESTLE, has printed on its ACTION PLAN, to help improve the lives of women in its cocoa supply chain.


.  The overall number of women who was into the work field and has made a joint effort with NESTLE cocoa plantlet nurseries has enlarged from only 3 to 23 percent. Altogether at present there are around 32 nurseries where women are an active participant on the daily basis of commission.


. NESTLE advancement details reflectthe operational goals of promoting equal opportunities, entrusting women with the power to raise their voices at times of need and also helping to extent women’s salary.


.  Moreover, the action plan as launched by NESTLE, intends to upgrade the lives of cocoa farmers and the raising of their quality crops in order to manage well the low production units as well as child labor.


Companies like NESTLE, are focusing within their worldwide value chains to recognize and mark the distinctive problems women face. In doing so, they not only develop the cost-effectiveness and output of global functioning but at the same time move nearer to women’s upright and well-being.





Beyond Good Food And Good Life: Women Empowerment Initiative By Nestle!
Image Source: Nestle India

“I have been able to rent an apartment and I am looking forward to saving enough in order to build my own shop. The peak time for selling coffee is early in the morning, so that I can still go to school or participate in other business ventures for the rest of the day. It’s hard work, but it’s very rewarding.” Says 31-year-old Comfort Dorkutso, who joined NESTLE PROFESSIONAL’S MY OWN BUSINESS STREET VENDING PROGRAM in 2012.


“The impact on the community has been immense. I can now pay my children’s school fees. I can now afford to sew them school uniforms. And even I have some extra income”says 41 years old Smata Alidu, who received better training by joining the NESTLE GRAINS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT, enabling her to double her production.


“In our tradition, cocoa farming was reserved only for men. We fought for our right to some land and the NESTLE Cocoa Plan supports us.” Says Agatha Vanier, who joined the NESTLE COCOA PLAN, which has not only made a positive impact on the families but to the country as a whole.


“Today I can secure a good education for my daughter”says 33years old SalyKone,who joined NESTLE’S MAGGI BRAND COOPERATIVE PROGRAMME, enabling her to promote best practices in healthy cooking and to earn new customers.


I signed up for the training as I knew the increased income would benefit my family and community” says 19-year-old Kiran Zulfiqar who joined the NESTLE DAIRY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, enabling her to learn about basic animal health care and other related development skills.


“I have evolved together with NESTLE” says 74 years old Dona Penha who joined the NESTLE ATE VOCE PROGRAM, enabling her to double her income and make a new home from one room to four at the present.


NESTLE’S tremendous effort towards empowering women is really worth appreciating. It’s not just about receiving fame or honor in the name of a brand, but rather working hard for a noble cause of justifying women’s position from the heart and bringing a smile on the faces of millions of women folk. Empowering women is a continuous mission and NESTLE is still in the motion of enhancing further success stories.