BFF guidelines by Sonam Kapoor and Jaqueline Fernandez


It’s all heat and hot when it comes to bollywood beauties. The history of bollywood and the celebs have seen many promising friendships fail and break into catfights and cold wars. Never two bollywood beauties beheld their female-love for each other. Sooner or later, their friendship settled for nothing but closure!

But, the new-gen bollywood beauties look like, breaking the trends and setting up some serious friendship examples that will be remembered till far! Our new-gen artists are very individualistic and self-secured when it comes to their talent and competition in workspace. They believe that healthy relationships must exist between the contemporaries, in order to progress, not individually but as an art and talent industry.

Jacqueline Fernandez and Sonam Kapoor, two utterly beautiful ladies and much in love, besties remain no behind in showing off the bond that they share! Sones and Jack( as they call each other) are giving away some important BFF advice and friendship guidelines for ladies here.


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Share your clothes! The cardinal rule!

True enough! Clothing is one of the dearest and closest entity to a female’s heart. So if she’s sharing it, that actually means, you are somebody really important and close to her heart.


Know when to tell her to stop eating and start exercising right away!

She wouldn’t want to hear that from anybody. Mind it! Not anybody! But a bestie, best knows when and how to pour this heart breaking news into her BFF’s ears! She will tell you that it’s time you get a regimen and stick to that until she tells you to stop!


Be honest, truthful and watch each other’s back!

You can tell her whatever you want to! Good or bad, but true! And not anybody else, especially behind the back!


Don’t kiss and tell!

Some secrets are best, kept within oneself. Sure, she deserves every bit of you, but not you and someone else.! Keep those secrets to heart and your honey!


Be an all time match-maker for her! And yes make the BFF test compulsory!

Survey her potential boyfriends! Tease her and laugh it out. And if there’s somebody who gets her on her nerves, make it mandatory for him to pass the ultimate BFF test. Only when you allow, he should get through! Obviously, because you know the most of her.


Celebrate special days together!

Celebrate special days together, not only friendship’s day! Go out for a new year’s eve or maybe a birthday dinner. But do not forget to give each other the space for other important relationships to exist and breathe in.