Bhopal protest over dress code

 Bhopal protest over dress code: Is women's liberty still in jeopardy?

Dress code is a serious social dogma in Indian culture as some people still weigh the dress code as an explicit emblem of modesty and true depiction of the ideal feminine image. Our society is a mixed one till date where pragmatic views of life are still restricted for women and despite our best efforts, the concept of equality is still standing miles away from its real implementation in the social framework. Ladies are not valued for their talent, but for their lethal presence as a female entity.


This partial mentality has been in display freshly which has created a social storm recently. The event took place in Bhopal on 5th August. Hostel authority of Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) announced a time bar for girls students in the hostel that they have to come back to the hostel by 9.30 pm and no girls will be allowed to wear shorts and skirts in the college and hostel premises. Surprisingly this time restriction is applied only for girls whereas boys of same age and class are allowed to stay out of hostel till almost dead night. Now the controversy was raised on two main grounds.

  • One is the superimposed dress code
  • And secondly, the restriction on coming back to hostel by 9.30 pm

Most importantly, girl students of this college often attend tuitions after college and coming back by 9.30 pm can be too hectic: but boys following the same study routine are exempted from this formality. Shockingly after 2-3 years when these girls will join office they have to work at same pace and adhering quality according to project requirement, competing with their male colleagues Irony of the situation! Is it desirable that a girl who is not allowed to manage her own life, will be able to manage a project where nothing belongs to her, not even the target and office ambience?


Bhopal protest over dress code: Is women's liberty still in jeopardy?

People wear dress for comfort and modesty. Men are allowed even to walk on bare body and barefoot, but according to women’s code of conduct concept, ladies need to wear very conservative dress. Shorts and skirts are revealing dresses and ladies should not try them. Liberty lover ladies can take extra burden in facility but they have strongly opposed the dress code dogma of college authority. Their claim is “attire is meant for offering comfort but not for adding misery and unmanageable dress management for college/hostel students.

This dress discretion and stigma for short dresses should not be viral and girl students of Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) have raised their voice to protect their fundamental rights from society. It is therefore not an event of feminine consciousness but a grand celebration to human and feminine rights.

Dress controversy of Bhopal is a burning issue now and the government has assured complete cooperation for the girl students as they have threatened to sit for dharna (strike) to assert their rights against the alleged verdict of the code of conduct and wearing dresses according to preset rules!

But how long? We need to change the mentality but until this male chauvinism is not controlled, the battle of humanity, social hypocrisy, and the much-dreaded inequality will be looming large in the horizon. Let’s fight the social evil of partiality together!



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