Bijarao mastani VS Dilwaly


So, here we are going to see the movie review of two of the greatest Bollywood movies, which apparently were released on the same date. Yes! You got me right, I am talking about the great Bajirao Mastani and Dilwaly.

Let’s begin with Bajirao Mastani, which was written and directed by one of the finest directors of the Bollywood, and that is none other then Sanjay Leela Bensali. This greatest writer of all times is known for giving life to older historical romances. Going back in time, Devdas was released which broke all records, then how can we forget the movie Black and yes! Ram Leela, which was released in 2013. Ram Leela starred real life couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. And now, Sanjay is back with Bajirao Mastani.

We all know the great chemistry between the two co-actors, they make a sizzling couple. Bajirao Mastani is a true historical romance and without doubt I would like this movie a rating of 4.5 out of 5. I must add to this that what made this movie highly acclaimed is Deepika’s acting. She clearly aced with the role of Mastani. In short, it is a movie based on two warriors who fall in love. Priyanka Chopra played the role of Kashibi who was the wife of Bajirao. I can truly bow for this movie, a standing ovation for all the stars of the movie, and yes! The great Sanjay Leela Bansali. Whenever Sanjay releases a movie, it has to be an award winning one. I just loved everything about the movie, it was so restricted yet beautiful, PC was so defenseless, however, that doesn’t mean she had a weak character. She was fabulous in the movie. And let’s not forget about Ranveer Singh, this guy has a true talent for such or in fact any role. In short, the movie is all about winning against the world, but not against your family. A must watch, do check this movie out.


My next movie is Dilwale. I don’t know, but I feel this movie has got to be SRK’s worst movie. To begin with, as we can see this movie is a copy-paste of many Hollywood movies like The Best Of Me by Nicholas Spark, How I Met Your Mother and so on. I am sad to say, but SRK took his audience for granted this time around. This movie is a disaster in the name of entertainment. The script is weak, and at most time you will feel that the movie is just dragging.

If you ask me, don’t waste your money to watch this movie in the cinema, keep up the saving for movies like Bajirao Mastani. Although Rohit Shetty movies are fun to watch like Golmaal etc., this movie clearly lacks storyline and good dialogues.

Anyway, this is it for this week, see you around next week with some reviews of some new movies.

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